Thursday, February 28, 2013

Just a few more days

The time is drawing ever so close to me heading back to Las Vegas. I fly out Sunday, today is Thursday. Yikes!

As the clock winds down, I'm struck by how different this trip will be from any other trip I've made to Las Vegas. My first visit was almost 17 years ago. OhCountess and I honeymooned in Vegas. Neither of us ever being there before. At the time, I didn't play any poker. It was 1996 and the boom was a ways away. Traveling with the Mrs was awesome. What a fun place to spend our first few days as husband and wife.

The next trip I can remember was a trip my wife won in 2008. By now, I played poker a lot of poker and this blog was up and running. It would appear on May 4, 2008, I posted my first Vegas poker tournament win. Good times.

By winter, the WPBT Winter Gathering was a must. This was my first and I was REALLY nervous. I mean flying 1300 miles to a big town and meeting up with people I never seen in the flesh? There's posts from that trip somewhere on this blog. For those of you there, you'll remember I had OhCountess by my side. While we were waiting to check in at the Imperial Palace (Holy long lines, Batman), I told her to go find the bar with the sign that read "Geisha Bar" and announce herself as OhCountess. Why? She asked...Hehehe, yep, there were hugs waiting for her from strangers. Great times! Oh, and I finished 5th in the blogger private tournament. For those of you scoring at home, that's two Vegas tournaments and two cashes. ;-)

The following year, I was back for WPBT in December. At this point, it's a no-brainer that I'm going to this thing. OhCountess stayed home and I went by myself, which isn't exactly true, I was flying by myself but I was meeting up with 100 or so friends. According to my trip reports, I had a blast. I didn't win or even cash in a tournament and to the best of my recollection, I sucked at the cash games. You can relive the stories here with this link.

WPBT 2010 was a blast again. Back in Las Vegas, much better at the whole travel by myself thing. Hanging out with the crew of bloggers is the best. So many people you proudly call your friend. That trip is chronicled here. But my last longer team, ya, we gots hardware. I seem to remember going pretty deep that year. Last longer bet money sure feels good.

2011. The last time I was in Las Vegas seems so long ago. I wasn't blogging nearly as much, but I think I won a poker tournament that weekend at the IP. I know I won one there sometime. I didn't cash in the WPBT but made it very deep again. Aces cracked by JJ.

2012 - I never went to Las Vegas. The horror. The horror.

Well, this time, I'm going to make the trip because my employer has decided it's a good idea. I fly out of Minneapolis on Sunday. Pick up a rental car and drive to the Hilton Garden. Not really on the strip, which is probably the best for the first few days when I'm supposed to be learning about a complicated medical system. I'm very much looking forward to seeing my fiends that live there: CK, PokerVixen, WriterJen, Dan. Who else lives there?

I've made no concrete plans at this time. When my class is done on Thursday, I switch hotels and move into Bally's. Lightning36 raves about this place. Let's see if it lives up to the hype. I get to bring a checked bag so all of the camera equipment is coming. This whole having a car thing is going to be really new to me. I've never been to Vegas and had a car. Any suggestions for things to do? I have a list but I would LOVE suggestions. Maybe WriterJen will cook something? I'd love to see everyone's pups. Dogs are cool. This trip will definitely be weird without all the bloggers.

Nervous excitement is building rapidly. What have I forgotten to get ready? Am I missing something? Can the clock move faster? Will I survive not seeing my wife and kids for 7 days? What will I get my wife for her birthday (it's March 11 - the day after I get back)? How much exploring will get to do?


Thursday, February 14, 2013

The wheels are in motion

It's booked. I didn't get to go to the WPBT this year since I was attending some training for work. Maybe they felt bad and decided to sent me to Las Vegas for some other training in its place. Anyone going to be in the area March 7 - 10th? I'll be! Drop me a note if you are. I'll be in classes from Monday to Thursday (March 3-7) so general debauchery are our those days, dinner and photo walks with some light poker action might work however. Just let me know.

It won't be the usual 19 hours of sleep in 5 days I usually do, but...

Friday, February 8, 2013

Bulleit Rye

A smaller crowd this month so I found this on the top shelf at Northwest Liquor at lunch today. Not sure it's really a top shelf whiskey but really was bad at all. Our group tends to like the ryes and this didn't disappoint. A nice grainy flavor with just a very light sweet. The color is really a nice amber.

Some of us also got sample the Winter Warmer from New Glarus Brewing Co. A very tasty scotch ale. I've been missing scotch ales since Sam Adams quit making there's. On the tour of that brewery, I did ask. They ain't making it any time soon. Ugh.

As for the poker, ya, lets not talk about it. Card death with a new guy means I lose with AA vs A6o. Four card flush. Good times.