Monday, July 7, 2008

Let's blow the whole wad!

I'm blowing the whole wad of vacation time that is. We are packing up the kids and loading them into a flying tin can. MSP to ATL to RIC. This will be the kid's first "airplane vacation." I have 47 hours of vacation save up and we are using 40 of them in the next week.

I would seriously doubt I'll play the Mookie, the Dookie, Riverchasers or the Donkament this week. The wife gets a little peeved if I play too much poker on vacation.

Are there any home games/casinos/bar poker in the Virginia/Maryland area any ways? If there are (4dbirds(katiemother), CEMFredMD) let me know!

I hope everyone has fun in Okie Vegas. Really wish I could be there, but I'll probably have a blast taking my daughter on the lazy river again at Water Country USA.

Be sure to cheer on the remaining bloggers in the WSOP ME. What's the latest? Iggy & Loretta8 are still with chips and a chair!

If you see me on the tables of Full Tilt this week, drop by and say hi before the wife finds out I logged on and shuts of the laptop. Hehe!

Cya on the felt!


CarmenSinCity said...

Hmmmmm - when I lived in Maryland I would drive to A.C. to play poker. I mean, I'm sure there are tons of homegames, but I gotta tell ya, my dad and his friends stopped playing over at The Moose because Maryland was getting so strict on that and they were raiding all of the homegames and arresting people - so they stopped playing because they were scared. Maryland is SO ridiculous with that shit. As if they don't have anything better to do than bust retired 75 year olds playing 5 cent and 10 cent poker. Puleeze!!

Have a good trip!

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jamyhawk said...

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You better celebrate some way, some how, even if it's not a decade bday for you.