Thursday, July 16, 2009

Not to put any pressure on the guy...

StB wrote a post yesterday about what Phil Ivey making the November 9 means to poker. I'm really hoping this could spur on renewed interest in our game.

When Moneymaker bluffed the pro Sammy Farha off a huge pot and went on to win the Main Event at the WSOP, it ushered in the poker boom. From that moment on, any schmuck knew he could win.

More recently, people are wondering if winning the Main Event means anything about your skills on the felt. I mean a big name pro hasn't really been deep for a while. Sure, Matasow and others did it a few years ago, but none have been as well known as Phil Ivey. A poker broadcast barely gets out the door without someone uttering "the best player in the world" when he's on the show. He's our modern Johnny Chan to Mike McDermott. We all want to sit down at the felt and feel like we have the skills to take him. I don't know of anyone looking for a way to suck out on Phil, we just want to out play him...

As Change100 tweeted last night, the guys at ESPN can finally jizz their pants. They have a super star at the final table.