Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Down to the wire

Looks like a made a mistake in calculating the points for poker league. I ended last week 1 lousy point behind the league leader. I busted with 2 tables left when my K6o couldn't beat 44 even with the spiked K on the flop. The river 4 really sucked. The guy one point ahead of me was still in it when I left, I'm pretty sure he knows how to fold. The two guys in second and third busted long before me, so unless he goes really deep, we will be down to the wire next week. I've finished second at least twice before...

On my way home tonight, I was thinking about why I really prefer tournaments to cash games. I think it has a lot do with the fact that I REALLY hate to lose. In a cash game, you sometimes get felted or lose a big pot, it's supposed to happen. When it happens to me, I just hate it. I really try to avoid to rebuying into a cash game. I'm usually really tilty when it happens. At least in a tournament, I'm out, for the most part, I usually don't have time to buy into another one...which is usually for the best.

Winning is fun. Losing sucks.

My two cents for the day. Coin flips suck.


Memphis MOJO said...

"Winning is fun. Losing sucks."

This is surely true. GL in the final event.

Anonymous said...

I hate losing too and its not just about the money. If someone sucks out on me it pisses me off but I go apeshit on myself if I get stacked due to stupid play on my part.

Also, I agree, coinflips suck!

jamyhawk said...

I think any decent poker player is a competition junkie that hates to lose.

I even want my comments to be better than the last guys. I WIN. I WIN. I WIN.