Saturday, October 17, 2009

I'm out :-(

Couldn't win a flip or even a 4:1 favorite to save my life. Better luck next time I guess. Thanks for all the support. It's time for dinner with the mrs.

-- Posted from my cell phone that starts with the i.


Dawn Summers said...

Daaamnnn yoouuu, Drizzzzz, ddaaammmnnn yyoouuuu

Shrike said...

I blame Drizzzzz too.


KenP said...

I understand Driz has four offers already.

It is to stand behind their opponents as a cooler.

Curiosity said...

Ok, so I am the villian that you couldn't out flop ace rag. (Even tho, I do think ace "rag" is a little harsh.) I had to check out your blog seeing your mentioned it. I am also curious if you think it was a good idea trying to "ride out" the tournament like a satellite..

OhCaptain said...

Curiosity - thanks for stopping by! In all actuality, the ace rag part was not about you but the two times I lost even more chips to the guy on your right that couldn't miss. I mucked two hands to him on the river, I had AK both time and he won the pots with A 10 and the last one with A8. I'm sure you will agree that those are approaching raggy :)

As for the "ride out" tournament like a satellite is still spot on. I would have done that if I had ever seen my stack go above starting, but since I kept bleeding chips every time I played a hand, I was never going to ever get into that position. I'll be writing more later. The top 20 positions pay the exact same value, so playing to win the tournament is just crazy. You only need one chip when the 21st play bust to win the same prize as everyone else. The "ride it out" part comes towards the end when there is no reason to ever play a hand because you literally have enough chips to coast into the money.

That make sense? AJo isn't quite a rag ace, but it's not exactly a hand you want to play out of position from the BB when there is a raise and a call ahead of you. You very easily could be dominated and now what are you going to do when the raises keep coming? Believe me, you play wasn't even close to a donkey play, I just get very frustrated when I players like the guy on your right hit the nuts on the flop time after time after time with questionable cards. He hit the nut flush how many times with ace rag? (That's really what I was talking about :) )