Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gonna need a little help from my friends #WPBT

This blog has been a little on the stale side lately. Good thing this ain't my day job! Let's see, OhCountess went away to Texas for 5 days, so I go to be a single dad while she was gone. PokerPeaker, I understand your pain. She gets back and BOOM! It's Mother's Day weekend. Took the Mrs. to Target Field for our first game. You can see the pictures here, what a beautiful park. Then last weekend, our neighborhood had one of those big garage sale marketing things. I spent that week filling the garage with all of our crap. Thankfully, most of the crap sold!

The part where I ask for every one's help is coming (scroll if you want...no worries). But first, some words from our sponsors :)

As for poker? The magnificant, Sir AlCantHang, add me to the blogger freerolls in the BBT5.

So far, very fun! I played my first one on Mother's Day. Let's just say, the tournament didn't start well on my side of the computer. OhCountess wasn't all that impressed that I was playing poker, during supper on Mother's Day. But then I doubled through Shane Nickerson on the ever popular KK > AA all in shove. Like I'm laying down KK in a blogger tournament. But then a couple of hands later, Roy Winston way over played top pair with a 10 kicker, playing the passive fish to my AK, which I got nervous with and probably left some money in his stack. All of this pushed me to the top of the leader board. This is where OhCountess realized that there was a $500 top prize and ticket to the blogger championship. A few hours of card death later and I finally shove QQ into AA. Good time and a $34 profit on a freeroll. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

The second tournament was this past Sunday. I was feeling pretty saucy and decided to gift Waffles some ~1,000 chips. I was on a stone cold bluff with 83o in the BB and he was getting frisky with KQo on the button. I probably coulda won it with a shove, he never improved, but with his quality game, I didn't fall on my sword to end the day. As it turns out, he couldn't hold his wad and still busted before me. He claims he's psychic, cuz he knew I was bluffing. Too bad he can't see the bad beats coming.

Live poker? Who's had time? I haven't played bar poker in almost 3 months. Sigh. Whiskey club is this Friday, can't wait! Wanna come? Let me know. I believe we will be trying our first white dog. Should be interesting. Anyone out there like or have tried white dogs? Do you know what they are?

This is where I need your help!

So, back to the title of this post. Why do I need your help? Remember that post a little while ago about my idea of a charity tournament? (Follow the link if you need to refresh your memory) I don't have the specifics yet, but the ball is rolling! I'm so excited!!! I'm pretty sure it will be the week of June 13-19. AlCantHang is gonna be doing the set up of the Full Tilt side. I'm gonna stick with my charity of choice, The Ronald McDonald House. That seemed to make lots of people happy. It's a great cause.

How do I need your help? First off, I need a name! Anyone have a good name for this? The only idea I've had so far is "WPBT Gives Back" but that's just lame, or as Simon Cowell would say, "so karaoke." Uff. As much of a talker I am and I can't think of a name. Sigh.

Second, when the details, come are done, I'm having banners made...so then...I'll need you to pimp the hell out of this. Can we do this? I think we can!!!

I'll post the details as soon as I have them...until then, go outside and enjoy this friggin' lovely weather!


Astin said...

Something with paying the rake or juice? Donkey Shoving for the Clown House? Junk-kicking for RMH?

Hey, coffee machine is down... gimme a break!

Drizztdj said...

The McLovin Charity Splash

lightning36 said...

Count me in, obviously. : o )

Let me know what I can do to help.

BamBam said...

Take some credit would you? Go with "McCaptains Day."

yestbay said...

How about:
"Silly Donkeys - Chips are for (Sick) Kids"
"Bloggers Pay It Forward"

Whatever you call it, I will pimp it and play in it, for sure.

Wolfshead said...

Well stop sitting around and get working. Can't pimp something without the details. :->

Seriously, let me know when you have it ready. Willing to pimp and play but I'm half senile and tend to forget

Ernest said...

Hammer of the Blogs? Super Size My Charity? You Want Fries with that Shove?
Whatever you call it, I'll pimp it.

Wolfshead said...

If Waffles is playing we could call it the "Do You Want a Little Cheese With That Whine"

pokerpeaker said...

Captain's Karma Chip-Tosser for the Clown!

Memphis MOJO said...

Count me in, too.

Thankfully, most of the crap sold!

If you price it cheap enough, it usually will.

Sean D said...

It doesn't matter what it is called.

I'll pimp it!


TripJax said...

McLovin: Degens Donate