Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Trip Report 6: #WPBT Living Large in LaGasse

My Calendar says March 2. How about yours?

I wrote a while back that I had two more posts to write about the 2010 Winter Gathering in Las Vegas. I can hear Kat right now, "God lord." (*miss you) I figure it's never to late to post more pictures of our little get together in the desert. I have two more set to share and damn, I'm gonna share them.

Sunday is the last day for many people. Not sure why, The town empties out a bit so there's time for strolling peacefully. Wait, that comes later. Right now, I'm here to tel you about life in the Lagasse Sports Stadium.

For some reason, just saying that makes me start singing the song, "There Coming To Take Me Away" by Napolean XIV weird. Maybe not weird. Hm. So, Lagasse. I'd love to share with you what it's like there but to be perfectly frank, you really need to experience it. There's awesome food, so-so beer (geez, you'd think people in the desert would be thirsty and get great beer- you'd be wrong), more food, lots to drink, more food and most of all, there's lots of bloggers.

This is the best opportunity you have all weekend to just chat. It's really quite extraordinary. Here's the pictures, it's the best I can do for you.

This kinda shows you the lay of the land. There's couches and TV's everywhere. All the games are on. Around the corner you see in the back is more bloggers, a pool table, some video games and off to the side, a patio to the outside. It was lovely there. 60 some degrees. Did you see how our dome collapsed? I didn't want to tell my wife about this. She was up to her nipples in snow, the furnace stopped working and the minivan got stuck in the driveway. Look at all those smiling bloggers.

Why, you might ask, is OhCaptain showing us a pile of boxes with crap in them. Good question! You see, AlCantHang rocks like no other. He and the boys from Full Tilt's Poker From the Rail blog, hooked us up with all kinds of great swag. Those of us that got there early even got flasks. Flasks. Nom nom. Thanks again guys for setting everything up and treating this crazy group to all kinds of goodness.

Like I said, I really can't explain everything to you.

Dr. Pauly was there to protect us from, I didn't catch Falstaff's ring name...anyone know it?

Of course we had a photo op for the 3rd greatest last longer team on the planet. Check out Team Skol! Mattazuma, Drizz and OhCaptain. Gotta say, I love the trophy but that horrific jersey worn by Drizz has just got to go.

That's the last of the pictures I will share here. I've posting extras to my Flickr site. You can check out the rest of the trip there. Of course, there's really no words there but I'll bet you can figure them out or at least create an fanciful story that sounds good. One last post photo walk. Should be up ...


DrChako said...

I love how in the first pic, Falstaff seems to be power chugging. He's drinking so fast, the pitcher is a blur.

And I see nothing wrong with Drizz's jersey. Fits him well.


Drizztdj said...

This picture shall be known as "the one time Drizz was complete sober in Vegas".

Not the case an hour after that picture was taken.

Anonymous said...

no "good lord" at all. and it's never too late - perfect timing in fact! I could use a bit of WPBT cheer right about now :-)

lightning36 said...

I was just thinking ... why the short WPBT run when I was on your team? lol

Anonymous said...

Drizz's jersey is awesome!