Saturday, October 29, 2011

Time to bring the A game

I know the SEO advice is to not write about your absence from blogging. Hello advice, I acknowledge you and move on. I miss writing here. I really do. So, it's been a you guys been?

Well, since the Fed decided to really piss me off and shot down poker online, I took a little hiatus. It was fun. Played with the family, herniated a disk in my back, started and stopped running again. Good times. I did play a little poker at the bars and I have amassed quite a pile of money over on Zynga. It's the bar poker I'm here to talk about.

Today, I head back up to Running Aces to play the state tourney once again for the Minnesota Poker League. It seems there are 329 registered participants. I'm both nervous and calm. I'm way more experienced than I was before my first big tournament, but I always seem to have a little tightness in the stomach the day of a big tournament. Not sure why, I know what I'm doing.

If you are interested, they say you can follow along with live commentary by following this link. I'll be posting updates here and on twitter. Having even a virtual rail can be a good time. Let me know if you are hanging out. Believe it or not, little notes and messages help.

More to come soon!


lightning36 said...

gl Tim!

Memphis MOJO said...

He's baaack. GL in the tourney.

Josie said...

gl and i hope you bring your camera!

SteveBrogan said...

Both my wife and I are starting to play bar poker. We played two sessions at a new bar opening and tonight we go to a different location. We are starting late into their season so we won't qualify for prizes unless we win every event.

This is for fun and experience. Not the TPT but it will do.