Friday, February 8, 2013

Bulleit Rye

A smaller crowd this month so I found this on the top shelf at Northwest Liquor at lunch today. Not sure it's really a top shelf whiskey but really was bad at all. Our group tends to like the ryes and this didn't disappoint. A nice grainy flavor with just a very light sweet. The color is really a nice amber.

Some of us also got sample the Winter Warmer from New Glarus Brewing Co. A very tasty scotch ale. I've been missing scotch ales since Sam Adams quit making there's. On the tour of that brewery, I did ask. They ain't making it any time soon. Ugh.

As for the poker, ya, lets not talk about it. Card death with a new guy means I lose with AA vs A6o. Four card flush. Good times.


lightning36 said...

Great weiner tweets that night!

OhCaptain said...

Thanks! I paid the price on Saturday :-)

Astin said...

Nearly picked up a bottle of the rye during my latest Vegas jaunt (not available over here). Opted for the 10 year aged bourbon for a friend instead. It's pretty good (Bulleit's normal bourbon is the go-to on my shelf for cocktails).