Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bonus money - like a freeroll..but with no profit

I got an email last week from Full Tilt offering me the wonderful opportunity of making some free money. My experience with this is is that is rarely free. I actually think it might be one of the triggers for the doom switch. Oh, but I'm a sucker for a chance at free money and besides, I have a different outlook on this. I'm gonna try me some ring games!

That's right, I've been playing ring games this week. Let's recap my poker career. I've been somewhat successful as a tournament player, heck even the great Hoyazo didn't win a Mookie last year. But if there is one great all inclusive law of the universe, it is I suck at ring games. Not even just a little, I'm actually horrible.

I really like playing ring games in the casinos. The casinos in these parts are filled with people that play with their cards face up. I like all the extra information, but online ring games. A nut I can't crack.

These bonuses are great for ring game players. The can really ring up the player points on those tables. I'm not really sure why it is, but SNG players don't get near the point power. It takes a lot of SNGs, especially at low stakes, to accumulate a bonus.

So this week I mixed in ring games to pad my bonus. It went better than expected! Don't think for a minute that I was profitable. I wasn't, but I was able to play SNGs and ring games for one week to make NO money! And best yet...I didn't lose any either. After I reached the first payout point, the bonus was added to my account and my bankroll was right where it was when I started! I'm a breakevener!

By the end of the night last night, was actually starting to make a steady profit and seemed to be adjusting to this style a little better. I think I can say the experiment went better. Don't be surprised to see me sitting down to these a little more often now.


The 80th Minute said...

Know that feeling. Have the same problem with the ring games. It is not that I earnings buckets full of money with SNGs, but I make a profit there to give it back away at the ring games.

ps: drop those adsense ads. Google will never pay you cause your blog is gambling related. You can read an article about it on my sportbetting blog.

RaisingCayne said...

Let me know if you have any epiphanies! I've been consistently dead money at the low stakes cash tables, so do feel free to share any specific revelations when/if experienced!

Unknown said...

Sng's get screwed!

Boy... it is cold down here.

Living in Texas we don't deserve cold. Now Minnesoddddda... you guys expect it!

All my best!