Tuesday, September 9, 2008

No Yawning @ the Poker Table

Lately, my poker game sucks. I was no brilliant player to begin with, but for the most part I was profitable. My live game felt and played well too, but lately...

Tonight, at poker league, I actually dozed off at the table. This just can't be good. When I busted out, I shoved 14 BBs into a set with top pair and a 7 kicker. What was I thinking? I have no idea. But I can tell you this. I'm ready for bed.

Online poker has been the same. Last night I fell asleep playing a SNG.

Personally, I think I have a really big leak here. I play almost everyday and tend to be really tilty when I'm tired. I need to learn to steer clear of the felt when I'm tired. 

The hardest thing about trying to play poker when tired is tilt control. I have almost zero when I'm tired. Many of my live sessions lately have been played exhausted. Work - life balance has been totally skewed lately and sleep is taking the backseat. 

Poker moderation is probably the best cure until I catch back up. How do you play when you are tired? How tired can you be and still play well?


RaisingCayne said...

Yes, losing consciousness while at the poker table is a leak! Fortunately, the first step in plugging leaks is finding them... so you at least got that goin' for ya.

To answer your question posed... I believe no one's game is at 100% when fatigued. And with poker, similar to athletic sports, participants can compete without being at the top of their game, but should attempt to be at 100% when taking part.

Personally, when I'm aware of significant fatigue, but still have desire to play, I just play at smaller stakes than usual. My rationale... Kobe Bryant wouldn't dominate the NBA playing at 80%, and would actually likely be a deficit to the team, but, he would still likely kick ass versus lesser competition.

BamBam said...

STOP writing about me!


I hear you loud and clear sir! I do the majority of "the work" for the bankroll, during relaxing comfortable weekend mornings and afternoons. So no real issues there.

But the blogaments at 9:00, 9:30 and 10:00pm each night! I play way too many of them poorly, for someone that is up at 4:30am each day.

Moderation definately seems to be the key. I think it's just how much? I mean to stay sharp, you must be playing. Play to much, you're too tired to stay sharp anyhow.

Good Luck!

lightning36 said...

My play is always worse when I am tired or distracted (kids arguing in the background = at least one major error). I've lost way too much money at cash tables when I am tired and make some really stupid calls. I now try to just quit playing when I am too tired.

PokerFool said...

Convince your boss that you can work from home at least two days a week. That will give you at least an extra 2 (3, 4?) hours of sleep each day.

C'mon, yer a computer nerd! You can work from home (I did it some when I worked for IBM, and it was awesome).

Memphis MOJO said...

"My live game felt and played well too, but"

Pun (felt) intended?

muhctim said...

Play less, enjoy more. It's a mantra kind of thing that I am trying to incorporate into my own life. Personally I'm having a hard time applying it, but like most americans, that doesn't seem to stop me from passing on the advice at the risk of being a big fat hypocrit. What the hell, you can put lipstick on me, but I am still. . .oh well, I'll remember the rest after I have had a nap.