Monday, September 15, 2008

A Change of Scenary

I'm a faithful guy. I stick by people and will be their friend for life. Full Tilt poker has been my poker room of choice for 3 years. Sure, I'm only human and have taken trips to seedy sides of the Internet and gambooled in the other systems, but never for more then a one night stand, a drunken booty call.

If any of my massive audience of readers has been looking for me over at Full Tilt, you'll notice that I haven't really been there much lately. We have split up permanently, but I am looking at new apartments. I don't if I'm just running bad, or if I really suck or what the problem is, but the only thing I've really been able to get going over there are blogger tournaments. My SNG game there has just been running flat.

This past week, I took advantage of an old arrangement. A mistress that had offered me a drawer in her dresser a couple of months ago. A couple of months ago, I made a deposit to Poker Stars. Nothing huge, not really a commitment, but $100 none the less. I had played a few of the freerolls just to check out the UI and had made, get this, $6. When I checked back, she still had that empty draw and was willing to give a friends with benefits relationship a try.

I had one condition though, I don't really want to only do things like the old way. She needs to give me something new and different, a little spice in our relationship. While searching my past for things that I'd enjoyed that were different, I remembered how much fun I had at Treasure Island casino playing cash limit hold 'em.

Initial reports - what do you know - I'm profitable at Limit Hold 'em on Poker Stars. You read that correctly, I'm profitable at a cash table. Granted, I'm moving up the stakes. I started at the smallest stakes PS has. Yep, still chicken, but heck, even limit at the really low stakes has skills you need to remember as you move up. And move up I have been doing. I've been winning at one level, take the winnings up a level and make some more money.

Not sure why Limit seems so much more relaxing to me right now. It might be that I can just grind out some winning poker, but when playing limit cash games, I'm remembering to play better and gamble less. These suckers at the cash games at PS are all trying to score big, to hit home runs OR they are playing No Limit in a limit game.  Watching someone go off in the chat window because a blind will call with suited cards is hilarious. 

One my favorite hands from the weekend had a guy to my immediate right playing No Limit Hold 'em. It was really obvious by the chat  that he thinking tight aggressive NL. While I was in his blinds, if it walked to him he'd only raise from the button with a solid hand. The guy on my left had never raised from the BB. I felt pretty comfortable just seeing flops and either out playing them or hitting my junk or just folding. One and a half bets is nothing to call when you hear this. In the times I hit with my junk, the BB player would cap it with me every street because he had AK. Didn't matter that my 84o had flopped the nuts straight, he would just keep betting because he always put me on a weak ace. When I showed the 84o to win with a straight, BOOM! He'd just freak out and I'd sit back and count my chips.

Remember, calling too much from the blinds can be unprofitable as well. Even in limit. You just need to be ready when the weak/passive is on your left and the tight aggressive NL player is on your right. Hit the flop - beat them into submission. Miss the flop, fold.

I'm still going back to Full Tilt to play MTTs. I like those there and I have some things to prove there, but I'm going to grind out some cash limit for a while on Poker Stars. I'm still open for either site advertising here (wink, wink), but since I feel like the only poker blogger funding poker solely through poker and no ads, this the way it will have to be.

TTYL! Enjoy the grind!


RaisingCayne said...

Good luck having a continued profitable affair over at PStars. I too have found this other options to be far more profitable than Full Tilt lately!

Full Tilt may be where the pros play... but I believe PStars is where more donkeys frequent.

Memphis MOJO said...

Good move! I've done the same thing when I've gotten in a slump or a rut or whatever it is. I don't switch sites, but rather play either NL or Limit at drop-down levels. Then, when I go back to MTT or SNGs, I find I'm refreshed.

Gentleman Jim said...

Hey man I have less readers and no ads, and I'm doin great. No selling out over here.

That is until I get an offer :)