Monday, December 8, 2008

Before we move on to Vegas

Only 3 more days until I hit the relative warmth of Las Vegas. 10-12 inches of snow here today. Ya think I'll be ready for the heat? (I know, it's only supposed to be in the 60's. But Sweet jeebus! That's' about 50 degrees warmer then here)

I don't know that I have really posted true poker content for a while. This is a poker blog...

My little experiment with Limit Hold 'em was kind of a big meh. I'd go up fast and then down fast. My most valuable lesson from the experience was that I need to avoid playing when I can't be patient. Forcing the action just doesn't work at the micro stakes I play at. When I'd lose to a stupid calling station, I'd tilt and push even more chips into bad hands. Never good.

The bankroll has been sliding for a couple of weeks. Not steeply, but sliding none the less. I decided to switch back to my bread and butter and relearn how to play patient. Single table sit-n-gos.

I think I'm getting back into the swing of these. I bubble a couple but cash in a few more. I'm not quite getting all the way to winning these on a regular basis. Hands like this one certainly take the wind out of your sails:

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Seat 1: OhCaptain ($5,500) - -
Seat 2: Villain($3,500) -


OhCaptain posts small blind $50
Villain posts BIG blind $100
Dealt To: OhCaptain

CALL OhCaptain ($50)
CHECK Villain


Pot: $200

BET runaway350z ($200)
RAISE OhCaptain ($400)
CALL Villain($200)


Pot: $1000

BET Villain($3000)
CALL OhCaptain ($3000)


Pot: $7000



Villain collected $7000 from main pot with two pair, Queens and Eights

Total pot: $7 Rake: $0

Final Board:

Seat 1: OhCaptain small blind showed [Ac Ah] and lost with a pair of Aces - Net Gain/Loss: ($-3500)
Seat 2: Villain big blind showed [8s Qc] and won 7,000 with two pair, Queens and Eights - Net Gain/Loss: ($3500)

Well, letting this guy catch two pair is disappointing. I'd played him for a while. He liked to bet into you to push you off pots. I'd let him do this time after time for just this moment. He would have bet the river like this hit or miss. Unfortunately, he hit.

The sng ended with a better example of how he rolled.

Seat 1: OhCaptain ($1,500) -
Seat 2: Villain($7,500) - -


Villain posts small blind $50
OhCaptain posts BIG blind $100
Dealt To: OhCaptain

RAISE Villain($200)
CALL OhCaptain ($100)


Pot: $400

BET OhCaptain ($1300)
CALL Villain($1300)


Pot: $3000


Pot: $3000



Villain collected $3000 from main pot with two pair, Aces and Queens

Total pot: $3 Rake: $0

Final Board:

Seat 1: OhCaptain big blind showed [8c Qd] and lost with two pair, Aces and Queens - Net Gain/Loss: ($-1500)
Seat 2: Villain small blind showed [Kh Qc] and won 3,000 with two pair, Aces and Queens - Net Gain/Loss: ($1500)

I'm really not sure I under stand his calling with KQo there. My guess is I want him to do this EVERY time. I have no problems with the way I played that hand. Near as I can tell, he hit his 6 outer to win it. That's exactly how I want him to play...drawing to a really thin deck.

I know, I slow played my aces and lost. I rarely slow play them. It seems every time I do, I end up losing.

Did I mention that Vegas is just 3 days away? I really can not express how excited I am. I'm meeting some guys for a trip to the Pinball Museum on Friday. If you haven't heard of this and are going to the gathering, let me know. I'll hook you up with the details...I mean a pinball museum! How friggin' geeky can I get? I'm gonna love every minute of it!


Zeem said...

I'm interested in pinball!

muhctim said...

Two days my friend. . .I am not Greek, but I come baring gifts.. .even a a little something to send back to the princesses. Looking forward to meeting you and Brenda on Thursday night.

Memphis MOJO said...

(Most of the time no, but) I think it's ok to slowplay aces when you are heads up against an aggressive player. In fact, I think you played it great.

When you're running bad, you're running bad.

Bon voyage and have fun in vegas!

jamyhawk said...

Good luck in VEGAS!

I am most definitely jealous.

Drizztdj said...

Ah, you'll be able to watch me and Iggy duke it out on the pinball machines :)