Saturday, December 27, 2008

I know...the recap...

I should have been working on my Vegas recap tonight, but since I'm a poker junkie enthusiast, I fired up Poker Stars to try me some cheap MTT action.

The bankroll on Poker Stars is no where near what I'd like it to be, so you will quite often find me hanging out in the cheap seats. Tonight was no different. The $10 + 1 world record tournament is a much bigger chunk of my roll of Linolns then I care to wager.

My poison this evening was the $2 180 person sng. I've been venturing back to these MTT type games recently since I pretty much am a complete donkey suck at cash games.

My goodness, these things are packed to the rafters with complete donkeys. OhCountess was watching that movie about the guy from The Office trying to marry that pop singer turned actress from the Disney channel while Robin Williams tortures the pour guy (I don't know and don't really care what the name of the movie is...I'm setting the mood...geez!) I was doing my best to half ass pay enough attention to the movie to make the Mrs happy and participate in the tournament.

I'm just floating along practicing a little chip utility when suddenly I realize this movie could have been over an hour ago that there is only about 40 people left in this damn thing. WTF? Where did everyone go? Wait! I know, I've been half ass watching them walk dead on into traps and obviously stupid situations for 45 minutes!

Let's just zoom things along. The movie ends and the wife gives me a kiss and says she's going to bed. She worked a 12 hour day today and starts over again at 6 am tomorrow...the life of an RN. God bless her. This allows me to find a nice TV-MA on Cinemax and concentrate on the tournament. [cue time travel sound...nah nah nah]

As we blow past the bubble, I watched one poor sucker with 2 BBs left (and not the tournament shorty) shove 'em in calling 2 other players large raises with 10 8o on the BUTTON. Nothin like throwing yourself off a cliff to flush $2 down the toilet.

We are racing to the final table like Southerners to the parka store on the first 50°F day. More very "creative" play ensues. I shove 14 BBs in from under the gun and get called by the tournament leader. His AQc is no match for AA. Why people play the hand of the devil, I will never know. We switch tournament chip count positions.

More time passes by that I will never get back. (No refunds on your time for reading this far!)

I get heads up with the villian and we see this...lots of money goes in on the turn.sigh.

We battled for a couple more hands while and finally I get it all in with this hand...Not my finest moment...but it did end with a nice bump in the bankroll.

Now, if Poker Stars wants to sponsor an up and coming player...yeah right :)


lightning36 said...

Heck of a return on your investment there! Good job outlasting the donks.

Snuffy said...

License to Wed. Don't ask me how I know that. Just say I am a Mandy Moore fan.

Memphis MOJO said...

nice job!!!!

Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Nice Vegas recap. Oh wait... this isn't it... :)

yestbay said...

Well done, Captain. It's a nice feeling to wait out the fish and pad the roll.

Looking forward to your Vegas recap!

Lucypher said...

Well Done!

jamyhawk said...

Sweet ROI! Congrats!