Friday, April 3, 2009

Hide the fold button and turn on auto max rebuy

In case you are defective in some way and can't read white or blue letters on a black background, tonight is the 2nd Anniversary of the Friday Night Blogger Donkament. Quite possibly the easiest way to deplete your Full Tilt bankroll while laughing your a$$ off.

$1 + $1 rebuy
password = donkarama


on Full Tilt...

Can Two Black Aces break his personal best 78 rebuys? Has someone broken his record without me knowing about? I hear Buddy Dank Radio will even be broadcasting live! If I'm lucky, they will even let me on air...ohhh boooiiiiii!!!!! Can NumbBono continue to just dominate this thing likes it's one private ATM machine?

See ya tonight!


Dee said...

I played one hand... :D

OhCaptain said...

Some nights, that's all it takes. Then there are most nights... :-P