Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Poker can be fun - Who knew?

Just a quick note.

Poker League has actually sucked for the better part of 3 months. I hadn't made it very deep at all and I just seemed to always run into coolers...things like friggin' quads, when I have the top full house...you know, the things that make poker fun. Not to mention, it seemed like week in and week out, I was playing the same 8 people to start the night. Frankly, I was really getting quite bored.

Well tonight, I felt calm, cool and collected. I played my game, stayed patient and just couldn't seem to get much going heads up...as in, I finally went deep and finished second. Whew! Didn't run into quads once!

2nd still blows, but I'm glad to finally have the drought over.

Back to your regularly scheduled program...


Memphis MOJO said...

Congrats on the high finish.

diverjoules said...

Congrats.. I know what you mean about the draught. Looking at my spreadsheet I see I have played the last 6 (Live) tournaments making 2 final tables yet NO CASH... humbug..

TripJax said...

Noice! Just what you needed, eh?!