Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Change of scenary

A few nights ago, I was sitting around getting bored staring at my usual poker sites. Ok, I was tilting and looking to go donk off some money with strangers.

I'd been reading about other players trying some lessor known sites and finding the fish o'plenty lurking at other online poker sites like BetUS. How hard can it be to play texas hold’em on a different site?'s not real hard...and the fish are there :)

One thing I found really pretty interesting was the site seems really focused on texas hold'em. The 3 main variations are there, limit, pot limit and no-limit. There is some training available as well. I really just skimmed past the beginner training. That was pretty standard stuff. For people with a bit more experience, there was also a section that reads much more like a blog and has tips and news bits suitable for someone with a bigger appetite.

One article I found particularly interesting was on bankroll management. It had some serious information about staking and lending that I hadn't really seen stuff.