Monday, November 16, 2009

It's all booked

I'm in.

I should be landing in Las Vegas at ~7 PM Vegas time on Thursday December 10th. Which means I'm hoping to have my first bottle of beer drank at the Geisha by 8:01 PM. This of course assumes it will take me an hour to get from the airport, check in to the hotel and get served by 8 PM. I think I can still drink a beer in under a minute.

My return to the frozen tundra will begin with a take off at 9:30 AM Monday morning. This should give me ample time to enrich the economy of the local community through generous giving at the [insert table game]. I hope someone can finally give me lessons at playing -EV games.

Unfortunately, I'll be making the trip sans OhCountess. She's just pretty sure the tonsillectomy won't be ready for prime time by then. She does send her warmest regards. Does Astin need a new hat? Maybe something to keep you warm?

To do's:

  1. Get contact information for Lightning36.
  2. Finish plans with Katitude to photograph the hell out of Las Vegas.
  3. Drink a few.
  4. Play some pokah.
  5. Drink some more.
  6. Play some pokah.
  7. Pinball Hall of Fame. (It's link for details)
  8. More photography.
  9. Steel Panther.
  10. There's just too much to list...damn it.
Do I really need to wait a month for this...damn. I better start charging my phone. I feel some twittering coming on. I'm thinking about getting this charger...any one tried it?


Mattazuma said...

Get the Juice Pack Air. It's a case + Battery.

I'm landing at 6PM, hopefully, I'll get a 2 beer head start at the Geisha Bar!

The Wife said...

I'm bummed that Oh Countess will be missing all the fun!

We'll be in Vegas even earlier on Thursday - we can be a few beers ahead of you!

Drizztdj said...

Seven o'clock you say?

I think I'm leaving around the same time. Hit me up on the girly chat this week, we'll hit up Axel's for dinner before the flight if you want.

Sean G said...

Good luck! Hope you get some great shots and win enough to freeroll on the beer.

lightning36 said...

I get in during the afternoon, so the first beer is on me. It will be waiting for you ...

Hit me up with your cell number. My e-mail link is in the profile on my blog.

The Hawk said...

Hey I'm sure you can still down a beer in under a minute. You're a man right?

Thanks for your comments. They were definitely some of the most insightful.

Drop by any time and have a great trip.

pokerpeaker said...

You're up for Steel Panther? Kick ASS! YOu'll love it.

See you there (and Thursday).

Memphis MOJO said...

Have fun, I know you will.

Stevie Treys said...

Have fun and good luck at the felts. I'd like to go there around Dec. 10, either this year or next. I just need to win a satellite for Brunson Classic.