Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Feeling the rush

Play Online PokerI've spent a good portion of this evening playing the new poker crack, Rush Poker over a Full Tilt Poker. You know, it's actually pretty fun.

I was a bit nervous getting started. I'm not much of a multi-tabler and cash no limit hold 'em is a bit of an enigma as well. I pretty much stick to the limit hold 'em and razz cash games and no-limit hold 'em sit-n-gos. I just feel way more comfortable in a tournament then a cash game.

I had tried the Matrix games and figured those to totally -EV. I sucked and it was obvious from the get go, any money I put into one of these would just vaporize.

So here comes Rush Poker. You are in a pool of players all floating around. You get placed randomly at a table of 9. The cards are dealt, you can play them, fold or quick fold. If you play them, it's business as usual. If you fold them, WHOOOSH! you are taken to your next table and we start this all over again. You can literally see 700 hands/hour.

At first glance, I think F-Train has pretty much got it down. There's no table image, bluffing has more to do with the texture of the flop, your position because your opponents are pretty much playing their cards too. DeeBakes has been enjoying these and it sounds like he's make something doing, but he's been playing 8 tables at a time for a while.

Thus far, this has been +EV for me. I'm probably not gonna make a ton of moolah right away, but we'll see. Here's some quick hits that I've noticed:
  • Come up for air every now and then. You can sit out a few hands and take a look around. In some ways, it was just like a high paced video game. I got some of the same feelings like when I used to play Decent on the PC.
  • While the game is fast paced, I did notice a few names appear more regularly. I have no idea if they noticed me or how to use that yet, but you won't be a stranger at every table.
  • I'm SOOOO glad I've been putting notes on people for the last few years. I have a couple of color codes that actually were helpful. The most important color was the one I used to tag all of the bloggers...I saw a few of you wiz by...sorry about taking that pot from you, Gentleman Jim - :)
I guess I'll go back to the grind as well. Home game / bar / live poker is nothing like this. I still enjoy those more then anything. Gotta stay sharp some how, right?

Have you played any of these yet?


Dee said...

I'm loving this thing, you can get some really nice winnings if you play your cards right. Just stepped away from the 0.25/0.50 up significantly... Just stay away from my stack!

matt tag said...

550 hands in 66 minutes last night, 2 tabling on .25/.50. Big fun.

Then I switched to some 45 man tourneys for practice for a live event on Friday. Sooooo slow!

Memphis MOJO said...

I tried them, sorta fun...the key word you used is: W-h-o-o-o-s-h

Sean G said...

I'm looking forward to them opening a .05/.10 PLO rush table. That should be pretty sweet.

I need to retool my NLHE game tho, I have trouble with Rush's tight nature. I do love the fast pace.

Gentleman Jim said...

I really never saw you go flying by. I'm 2-tabling these things so I'm only watching the cards and my position. I was making money at a pretty good clip for a while, but I started overplaying flops (poorly timed c-bets and loose calls) and losing some money. That hand with you was probably one of those.

Jane said...

here we go again,Rush poker! Im looking forward to this!