Tuesday, January 12, 2010

WBPT Trip Report: Part 6 - Steel Panther #WPBT

With OhCountess not travelling with me this year meant finding my way out to the Green Valley Ranch to see Steel Panther was a given. I turned 40 years old this past summer. If you do the math, you will notice that I was a snot nosed, pimple faced teenager during the '80. Metal music rocks. I'm pretty sure I burned all of the pictures of me with a mullet.

Before heading to Vegas, I had to do a little research into this phenomenon. My first stop was Wikipedia. As it happens, this band used to be called Danger Kitty. I stopped reading. That was plenty. It listed them as a parody band, but as far as my knowledge of parody bands goes, Spinal Tap rocks...Hello Cleveland!

So the proof always being in the pudding, I purchased their album, Feel The Steel. From "Death to All But Metal" to the "Girl From Oklahoma", parody my ass. This metal rocks! (Note: this ain't safe for work. Please wear your headphone and if you don't like songs about Asian hookers (she smells like sushi...), fat girls, and odes to strippers...um, this ain't your bag). This is over the top metal...basically it's about hookers, blow and sex and not your high school heath sex. 'Nough said. (*Disclaimer: there's no way this is actually PG, the lyrics are damn near X. Be warned it's pretty much the definition of offensive.)

After playing limit hold 'em with the cowboys, we left the MGM in various cars, limos and magic carpets. As is tradition for me, I took my annual ride with F-Train only this year, it was in HIS car. So glad I did, it's about a $30 car ride. Thank you sir!

Since this post is gonna turn into an ├╝ber post in no time, and also because I lack the skills to trim the photos to a number smaller then 22 (23), I'd also like to thank CK for the gracious ride home. To say I was really sober enough to find my way back is a stretch. Thank you!!!! ($3 Red Stripes - the cheapest beer I drank all weekend. I should been buying more each time...)

Without further fanfare, here they are, my photos from Steel Panther.

Our view from the table. The venue ain't huge. It's just right.
Satchel complaining about [some degeneracy]
Rocking the metal axe. Well done dude.
Never missing a high note.
Not much prompting necessary getting crowd participation.
My shot for the cover of Rolling Stone.
More high notes. By the end of the night, he left no notes unplayed.
Dude! Chicks dancing on stage!!!!
It's a dirty job, but someone needs to do it.
More from the full stage. Lighting was awesome.
Lexxi Foxxx - the perfect metal hair.
This is how bass players pose.
OK, maybe this one is the cover of Rolling Stone.
Kick it!
Oh, shit. That crap makes my nose burn.
Rock goddom.
Chilly and Badblood. Thank you Mr. Badblood for introducing me to the band.
Happy livers. Chilly, Badblood and the good Dr. Chako.
Chilly, The Wife and the Doc. ROCK ON!
CJ, not sure and some guy that wondered into the booth.
Cheers! (Um dude, we usually do this with glasses)

Well, that's the night at the Green Valley Ranch in a nutshell.

[Secret devil sign fist pump] Until next year.


BadBlood said...

Glad you enjoyed it sir. Not sure anybody who's gone didn't like 'em.

BWoP said...


DrChako said...

The look The Wife is giving me in pic 20 pretty much says it all.

Great shots.


OhCaptain said...

BadBlood: Count me in for next year.

CK: Rock on!

DrChako: Thanks! I noticed her look. It was priceless, although, I think your face says it all.

The Wife said...

You mean the "I'm sleeping with him tonight?" look?

Yeah, that's my husband.

Beach Life said...

Fantistc photos, job well done mate.

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jamyhawk said...

Great pics. I just listened to a few clips from that album. Looks like something I will have to get for my Itunes...

OhCaptain said...

Jamy: You'll have to come see them with us next year. You know you want to...

Memphis MOJO said...

Awesome photos!!