Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Last call! WPBT Gives Back Last Chance

It's been almost a week since we got together and donked it up for a great cause. Several people had mentioned to me that they might want to pony up some more funds to add to the pot. Mostly people that missed out on playing, for whatever reason. I've started the process of moving the donated money that was on Full Tilt to a more terrestrial account. That's gonna take a few days to get here. Once it does it arrive, I'm going to get the Ronald McDonald House a cashier's check as quickly as possible, followed by a blog post with all the details.

Before I close this thing out, I'd like to ask one last time if there's anyone that still wants to contribute to please let me know and we can arrange the contribution to be added. At this stage, PayPal works best for me but I'm open to other ideas as well.

Thanks again for everyone help!


Memphis MOJO said...

Thanks again for everyone help!

No, thank YOU for all your work.

VinNay said...

$$$ being shipped tomorrow.