Wednesday, June 2, 2010

McLovin the kids: Crubs, shoves and hammers - the WPBT Gives Back

Ok, enough flapping my jaw, it's  time for the details of this charity thing I've going on and on and on and on about. Read more, but I'm hoping you'll break out a Sharpie and block off June 16th, 9PM CDT as Charity Poker time!

Let's remember where this all started. I turned 40 last year so this very well could be a little midlife crisis, but seeing Lightning36 and his family so well taken care of at the Ronald McDonald House inspired me.

I was really encouraged but many of you to keep this idea alive. AlCantHang offered his help in setting it up. Through various means of communication we've gotten this done.

The first thing you will notice is that it's a Wednesday night, 9PM CDT. Isn't that Mookie time? Yes, yes it is. See, I figured the best possible night to do this would be Mookie night. Most of us are already playing, we are used to it. I emailed Buddy and Jo to first ask them if it would be a good idea to take one night off of normal Mookie shenanigans and do this. They have graciously agreed. In fact, I believe the plan is to broadcast BDR as well. SWEET!

I'm hoping to get some banners ready for your pimping pleasure. I didn't really have all the details until I could log into Full Tilt tonight after work. The banners might take a little bit. But hey, these are real details! So check it out, start your pimping please! Let's see if we can do some good for a really deserving charity. I'm hearing rumblings about people offering bounties on themselves. If you are interested in doing something special, please let me know.

Date: June 16
Time: 9PM CDT (Same time as Mookie)
It will actually be running in place of the Mookie. BDR will be broadcasting it.
Charity: Ronald McDonald House
$5 + $5(Tournament, charity)
Password= vegas1
Tournament#= 164273435

My working title has been: McLovin the kids: Crubs, shoves and hammers - the WPBT Gives Back
The title showing up on Tilt is WPBT Gives Back

I'm already registered! I'm so excited! I did notice that my entire entry is going to the prize pool. Not sure that it's supposed to do that or not. Weird.

I hope to see everyone there! If you have questions, comments ideas, want me to pimp your pimping, let me know. Link to my email address is around here somewhere or feel free to leave a comment.


Heavy Critters said...

Awesome, man.

Al completely helped my out with the Anna tourney and you have no idea how much it helped her family.

I'll be there.


lightning36 said...

I'm there.

Thinking about the bounty and other things ...

Wolfshead said...

I'm there. Will pimp you on the poker forums I belog to also. Might want to check with Al about that registration/prize pool thing before too mant people get involved just in case it's a mistake. They do happen.

SirFWALGMan said...

I will be there also. I may or may not call you a $*^&$#*(&# idiot. We will have to wait to see.

David Westbay said...

Registered. Looking forward to it, and hoping that it raises a nice chunk for RMH.