Sunday, June 22, 2008

Why am I so tired?

What a fun weekend. Bare with me folks, there is a lot to cover today.

It's Sunday morning and I need to write a post to share some poker fun before it gets to be too much! I'm still exhausted from Friday night, but hey, that hasn't stopped me yet.

Friday night's Donkament was sort of fun. It started fun but shall we never mention PinkyStinky ever again. For some stupid reason, I decided to play the hand of the devil (AQ) vs AT for all my chips. Why do I even play that hand?

But let's remember why we play the Donkament and hang out on a Friday night. It's not about the poker, its about the laughs.

After the dust had settled and Surflexus won the Donkament, a few of us gathered together to play the latest craze in drunken poker, newly dubbed a "Kat Fight" but best described as poker crack. Not to blow my own horn, but I'm pretty sure you will find the definitive Super Turbo SNG strategy guide here. Seriously folks, I have been playing these for a while and have never failed to cash in them. Sweet, sweet money.

We also tried a $5 H.O.R.S.E. tournament NumbBono talks about here, here and here (hehe). My biggest problem was failing to convince IT and NumbBono that we needed a last longer bet. The fact that I suck at split pot games means I only get 3 levels to make up for the huge losses suffered in the O8 and Stud8 rounds. You can only make so much money during Razz. I do believe all of us finished in the top third of all entries but IT and NumbBono were no match for my...crap. I last longer. Let's just leave it at that.

Joining the party late was RaisingCayne. He was playing the Midnight Madness tournament and rocking it! The clock never stopped ticking. The hour hand on the clock kept moving and somewhere around 3AM, he finished 2nd! Nice job sir! But crap! My kids will be up in 4 hours and OhCountess is working. Life is gonna suck.

OhPrincess2 had a birthday party to attend, which left me with the rare opportunity to spend some Daddy daughter time with OhPrincess1. I was really tired, but I wasn't going to squander this time. We decided to take our cameras to a local nature center and have some fun. Well worth it. Hmm...that sounds like a good idea for posts on a couple of other blogs...

I have no idea why I decided it would be a good idea to stay up so late on Friday night. I knew that Saturday night, OhCountess had gotten us tickets to The Colin and Brad Show at Treasure Island Casino. No kids, just the two of us and the chance for a lot of fun.

On Friday, I'd found out that PokerFool and his wife were heading up to the same casino. Since he was going to the card room, OhCountess told me to plan on play some cards as well.

After we had dinner, I headed over to the card room to get my name on the list. The show was scheduled for 9:30 so I could spend a little time there before the show. In another surprise, we ran into Eloise from our home game donking it up already when we got there.

I wasn't really sure how the night was going to go, so I got my name on the $2/$4 LHE tables. They called my name at 7:30 giving me about an hour and half to play before reorging for the show. Bought in for a $100 and took my chair.

I get incredibly lucky to hit two bigger hands while playing my usually super tight to start a table. This gave me the exact credibility I wanted for this table. 9 passive calling stations were seated around me. I flopped a set of 8s once for a nice size pot and then rivered a full house on a flushed board for an even bigger pot. I love pot control!

At about 10 minutes to 9, I decided that I'd take my buy in of profit and go find the Mrs. The show was absolutely hilarious! During the "Jeopardy" portion of the show, Mr. and Mrs. OhCaptain were asked up on stage to be comedy victims will participants of the sketch. Our role was to lip sync the dialog of our characters while Colin and Brad supplied the dialog and voices. We had no idea what they were going to say, but we hammed it up any ways. On an interesting side note, you can use the same skills reading people at the poker table as you do anticipating the words a comedian is going to say. hehe!

By the time the show was done, I was wiped out. I'm laughing my ass off in the show and trying desperately not to fall asleep at the same time. So this next decision is a bit suspect. OhCountess really thought I should head back to the 2/4 table and, being a good husband, I said sure. I can give back my $100 in profit.

I fully intended to just quit if I couldn't play well and she told me to try it for a hour and see how it goes.

After an hour, had taken another $100 buy in and decided to cash out the addition $70 I had made that hour. Woot! Woot! PokerFool looked like he was holding his own and Eloise had left somewhere during this time. It was 1am and I had 4 hours of sleep in the last 2 days. Since my time had expired, I was starting to notice mistakes in my game. I missed calling a bet I should and know to call and then played a hand without near the number outs I need to justify playing it. Thankfully, these didn't cost me much, but the writing was on the wall. I NEEDED SLEEP.

Got back to where we were staying and crashed.

Since becoming a dad 8 years ago, a transformation has occurred in biology. Like Pavlov's Dog, I have been trained to wake up at 7:15am. Son of Biatch! Oh well. I'm still having fun...we are heading out now to enjoy our last few hours before we have to pick up the kids. Maybe I'll play a little more online tonight...or maybe I'll just fall asleep on the couch. I'd love to hear where the over/under is on that :)


BWoP said...

You got to be on stage with Colin and Brad???

I am *so* jealous.

(Huge fan of Whose Line Is It Anyway.)

katitude said...

so so cool!!!

DrewFours said...

It all sounds like just what you needed - Glad you enjoyed it!

RaisingCayne said...

Glad to hear you survived the weekend. Thanks again for staying up so late railing me Friday night! (I sent ya a small token of gratitude via FullTilt in thanks. It's the least I could do.) That was a great time! I'll look forward to doin' it again.

Saturday night sounded like a blast! Glad you were able to do all that despite the fatigue. I'm a huge fan of "Whose Line..." too myself, and that's hilarious that you were pulled up on stage.