Friday, January 23, 2009

OhCaptain - Been playing any poker?

This is a poker blog. Really. I've actually had quite the poker week but all this pokering has left me with scant little time to write about it. Damn jobs and life and stuff...

Let's turn  the dials on the time machine to January 16th about 7pm. One horrifically hectic day. I muddle through my day, just trying to get everything done because, yes, Friday, but more importantly it's Bourbonators day! To make things even better, Bodie25 is hosting. 

He's got the house to himself. Saawheet! I'm running late getting out of the office and organized. BLOW! We had hoped to play a little heads-up, but it just wasn't in the cards.

Going into Friday night, my record for SNGs at his house was 2-0. I was undefeated. Bodie made no bones about telling everyone. That was me in the 7 spot with the target on my stack. Never fear, some scotch, some beer and a good suck out keeps me in chips and without the poker gods peeing in my Wheaties, I would have doubled through Zack to take a commanding chip lead.  Not sure how you score a second place finish...2-1?

Second tourney starts. More beer, skipped the whisky, but this time, I use the power of the healthy buzz to figure out we should be on BuddyDank Radio. That's the ticket. No real suck outs for me this time. I just played patient poker (while drunk?) and acquired all the chips. I'm now 3-1 at my good friends house. 

So Saturday morning comes hours before it should. OhCountess has to work. Most of the time, this works out OK. Not today. OhCountess wakes me up at 5:30 am. Seems OhPrincess1 is downstairs on the couch feeling pretty yucky. Sore throat, fever and an upset stomach. The Mrs. suggests I head down and sleep on the other couch...fair enough. The word sleep was used, good word. 6:15 am. Again, the wife is waking me up. Through eyelids that weight 8 tons, I see my bride and she tells me about water boiling on the stove. Will you make Jello for your daughter? I'll do anything for my family...of course. (inner voice used bad words...shh...don't tell) Jello made. Back to couch. 7:15 am phone is ringing. I'm too cheap to just break the phone so I make the hero call and answer. Sexy siren on the end informs me of a scheduled Dr. appoint at 8:15. Great! Brain cells fire enough neurons to realize that if go any where near a's all over. I head to the fridge and grab two bottles of Cranergy and a diet pepsi. Large bore needle would have been handy too. Work starts calling at around 10am. The department I work for is upgrading the single most important piece of software they use. I maintain enough cognitive abilities to answer questions through out the day. I have no idea how that worked.

To the surprise of no one. I really played no poker this past weekend. Saturday night, I was dreaming with my eyes open (jeebus - who knew that was a friggin' country song?). Sunday...narcolepsy.

The regional tournament for my poker league was Tuesday night and I wanted to be ready. I'm writing a second post to handle just this. I have no idea how to play an 8 person table with 7 loose/passive players at it. Seriously. 4 people see the river? Call, Call, Call, Call, Call....CHRIST! I played for 3 hours and shoved 74o into A3o. As my wife says, "you just aren't lucky, honey."

Wednesday night was regular league night. Things were a bit better. Usual crowd at our  bar is a bit more aggressive and a bit more likely to fold when you need them to. Not a lot, but enough. Made it down to the final six before I mistakenly shoved KK into A6o and JJ. Bodie25 held the A6 and delighted in the Ace on the River.

Thursday night was the first night of a new Twitter Poker Tour series. It was a fun time. I finished 8th suffering from my greatest leak right now. Overplaying medium -> medium high strength hands too hard when I don't need to play. Again...more on that later. I recommend checking it out. Who knows, you may get to say "Hey, at least I got busted by @OhCaptain!"

And that brings us to tonight. I played the Donkament for quite a while. For the first time ever though, I didn't rebuy while I still could. Ran TT into A7. Sometimes I hate poker. Well, it's was getting close to the end of the rebuy and I wasn't planning on burning another $37 this week.

If this weekend pans like it could, I will hopefully have ample time to catch up on a few posts I'm dying to write. More of my Vegas recap would be awesome. A strategy post about how to or not to play a table full of loose passive players (hopefully without killing one of them or yourself in the process). And if it goes really I caught up with Drizz at a local casino.


Mitchell said...

Pepsi in the am?

Sounds like you are overplaying Brunson's "Trouble Hands" like K-J, Q-J, K-10, etc. Trouble because even if you hit top pair you can't be sure you are in the lead with your weak kicker.

Suggestion: Fold these hands in the first three position after the BB.

Memphis MOJO said...

Funny stuff, thx for sharing.

Michelle said...

Sounds like the bar poker league. Do you have that down there? I used to direct for them and invested way to much time playing. I had to give it up. I just can't deal with the donkey's and those who go in with a shit hand and get pissed off and throw temper tantrums when they are beat.
It is really hard to find good solid players.

OhCaptain said...

Mitchell - Pepsi for breakfast. The sign I'm truly a geek. I don't drink coffee. The other problem I will have is calling off a large portion of my stack with TT or JJ when I know full well the villain has an ace.

MemphisMOJO - glad you enjoyed it :)

Michelle - Yep, bar league poker. The bar I play it is actually known for being extremely challenging. We average ~40 people a week, a lot of which are regulars of the game. The complete donkeys get ground up and spit out. This is actually a problem for us. Keeping free people coming to the game is a challenge. If you come down here on a Tuesday, let me know, we can save you a seat.

Drizztdj said...

For the poker portion you didn't miss much, except me playing 95% of my hands at a 2/4 table for three hours :)