Saturday, January 31, 2009

Is there anything sweeter then blogger money?

I am happy to report that I took down another of these crazy tournaments.

Thanks to the lovely Kat for hosting, it was fun. Why more people don't play the Friday Nite Blogger Donkament. It's a "grab a beer and hold on to your butts" good time. Rebuy mayhem, followed by deep stack poker. 

Thanks to pippo_rox for paying $2 to sign up for the tournament, and never rebuying. Thanks to Astin for never saying no to a rebuy. Thanks to dontknow for sitting out. Thanks to Pushmonkey for shoving the 2nd largest stack in to the largest stack and bursting the bubble for nzgreen and I to cash with our short stacks. Thanks to nzgreen for your graciousness in that sick beat you placed on me rivering the K so AJ loses to KJ. Thanks to muhctim whom I always hope gets lucky just one time and hangs for the entire evening. Friggin' RCG. And Julius's nice to see you out and play.

A huge thanks to Two Black Aces. Not only are you the zen master of shoving with ATC's, but there is no fear in your eyes when the max auto rebuy flashes like the bright lights of the paparazii. And hey, playing deep stack with you and nzgreen was a blast. There is a reason you consistently go deep in the big MTT's and it ain't the cards.

This victory would not be possible at all without Full Tilt Poker setting up a lovely final hand. Heads up. We both flop top pair with backdoor straight draws and totally ugly cards. I can think of no better way to finish up a Donkament then with these hideous cards.

Is there anything sweeter then blogger money? I think not :-P

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Fred aka TwoBlackAces said...

Was lots of fun Capt...nice job!

Memphis MOJO said...

Nice job. I see on the final hand the power of a kicker!

lightning36 said...

Time for a Mookie win next ...

jamyhawk said...

Congrats! I need to get into one of these.

Baywolfe said...

Good Job Captain! 133 Rebuys? There was some serious all-in action happening there.

I try to make it but, sometimes, on Fridays I just wanna chill and let my brain rest.

See you somewhere soon on the felt.