Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Goals can be good - Aspirations for 2009

I found it! My post from January 1, 2008. I was so young. What was I thinking?

Goal 1: Learn to play Pot Limit Omaha. FAIL/CHECK? I'm thinking this is a fail. I have no real idea what I'm doing when I play PLO, but on the other hand, I did qualify for the WBCOOP Main Event by going really deep in a PLO tournament. The goal did say 'Learn'. I didn't learn a damn thing.

Goal 2: Become proficient in the cash games. FAIL. Nope. Still suck.

Goal 3: Win another blogament. CHECK. Let's see. Live Poker Radio Tour & Donkament. They count, right? I probably should go for a few more this year.

Goal 4: Improve my writing skills. ???? I have no idea what the hell this means or how the hell I validate this. There are more people that subscribe to this blog then did at the beginning of the year. That's a huge plus. Let's add it to the list for this year too :-)

Goal 5: Win the Minnesota Poker League State Championship. FAIL. Ginormous failure. But on the other hand, I did cash twice in Vegas this year. Doesn't really count though.

Goal 6: Play in a live tournament with a 3 figure buy-in. SCORE!!!!! The buy in for the Blogger Gathering Tournament was $135. He shoots, he SCOOOORRRREEESSSS!

Goal 7: Finish reading more books. FAIL. I suck at getting books read. I read all day at work. I read to my kids before bed. I turn on the laptop and read blogs and the hit the tables. Maybe this year, hit the tables less and the books more. Well see.

I guess it's not a complete disaster. I did manage to knock off a few of these. 2009 looks like it will be a fun year. Poker is a game I still really enjoy. I think I'm getting better. My results are looking fair to OK.

For 2009, let's try these:
Goal 1: Play more large MTT's and win one. I just finished 2nd in a $2 180 person sng, let's try a bigger field and eventually some bigger buy ins.

Goal 2: Get to the casino and play some live tournaments. I played 2 this year, both in Vegas. There are several tournaments in the area...get out and do it!

Goal 3: Win another blogament. Duh!

Goal 4: Improve my writing skills. Sounds good to me.

Goal 5: Exchange beer with Mookie. It appears that this is actually illegal. But damn Mookie. Why the heck can't two grown men, fathers and husbands, exchange local brews? Where there is a will, there is a way.

Goal 6: Have Hoyazo link to my blog once this year. Nothing like doing something completely off the wall. I got Waffles to do it this year.

Goal 7: Develop some advertisers for this thing. I keep talking to other bloggers that actually seem to have revenue streams from their blogs. I sometimes feel like I'm the only blogger paying for stuff the old fashioned way, winning at poker.

Goal 8: Go to another gathering. Self explanatory and the recap introduction is almost done as well.

That's enough. I'll be willing to bet I fail at the same rate this year as I did last year. I gots high hopes.


DrChako said...

I just re-read a great book by Lewis Grizzard: Shoot Low Boys - They're Ridin' Shetland Ponies!

Seems appropriate for goal setting.


PS. Now bring on that Vegas recap!

lightning36 said...

Seems like a list of reasonable goals. I guess I should put some thought into developing some myself.

Best of luck in 2009. It is always a pleasure reading your blog.

Maybe we'll meet up this year. I might bring you a White Sox hat to wear ...

Mitchell said...

Nice goals for 2009.

I like your writing style. No need to improve IMHO.

I think you should look into building a poker bankroll. Entering a $2 event with 180 opponents is tough. Try to build with a slightly bigger buy-in and smaller field. FT has low buy-in 45 max events.

As to the book thing, well, because of people who don't like to read, I'm working on converting my book into a widget. I'm thinking a widget with 100+ different poker situations may make it more fun than reading a book.

Memphis MOJO said...

Great goals for this year, GL with them. Second what Mitchell said, you blog is fun to read, don't change anything.

mookie99 said...

Good luck with your goals this year. Maybe I can finally make a blogger gathering and bring some beer there.