Monday, March 23, 2009

While working on my recap...

Some days we just run like a god.

I was working on my recap of Eh Vegas and playing in the Riverchasers BBT4 event basically folding every hand dealt to me. (When I sat down at the table, Kat and I were about the only two that weren't LAGtards) I did a lot of folding. Took a stab at one pot with second pair, top pair calls. It happens. I still have time and chips.

I successfuly muck hand after hand after hand only once raising and entering a pot (72o - what else - it also flopped trip 7s - BOOM - of course no one wants to play with me) until I get AA. 

OK, I took everyone's advice and played my aces hard. I just got unlucky, right? Is there yet another way I should play this?

Oh well, back to writing my recap.


lightning36 said...

86% favorite preflop -- guaranteed to lose in a blogger event, correct? Next time -- fold. Play the good stuff like 8-3os if you want to stay around.

OhCaptain said...

Lightning, has that been your secret? I'd probably had still been fine from this little ace cracking session had I not donked off the chips earlier. Live and learn, right?

Shrike said...

I had aces three times last night. Twice I only won the blinds. I had KK once - I got a walk in the BB. I had QQ once - I got a walk in the BB.

Poker is rigged.


Memphis MOJO said...

I notice that besides the flush, he also had a straight, just to make sure. It's so rigged, I tell you.

Anonymous said...

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nzgreen said...

IMO you played the hand perfectly (if that can be said about any hand). I like the raise size preflop to isolate the limper. I like the call when the shortstack shoves (obv :).

I think you just ran in to a level one thinker who wasn't paying attention to your play and went ooo, ooo, ooo I've got an ace and it's soooted, must shove!

Anonymous said...

That's one serious dealings eh?
Good stuff for a blog really.