Thursday, December 3, 2009

168 Hours but who's counting? #wpbt

WPBT Winter Gathering is 168 hours away from beginning for me, but who's counting?

Questions that need answering:

Who's Team D Listers?
Will Drizz be standing at the Geisha bar with drink in hand before me?
What's gonna be the line on the race to Vegas?
Will I forget something?
Will I remember something I really don't want to?
How long will it take me to drink the first beer? the second? the third?...
Can I really get it all done in 4 days without puking on my shoes?
Can I invert my biological clock and make it to Steel Panther?
Why so many friggin' questions when the clock ain't moving?
Can I learn Pai Gow and Craps and continue to pay my mortgage on time?

Answers coming soon...stay tuned!


StB said...

Pai Gow is easy. It starts with hurtling shrieks of PAI GOWWWWWW!!!! from the gut. Go ahead practise. its fun.

The Wife said...

The only correct answer is . . . ITS VEGAS . . . ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! See you soon.

yestbay said...

See you in less than a week!