Monday, December 14, 2009

Reunions, sleep and transition to normalcy - on hold #wpbt

Immense boredom. Total exhaustion. Sleepy eyes. I'm sitting here at McCarran airport, midway between the surreal life and the quiet home I had left behind. The shuttle I included in my package picked me up an with plenty of time to get here, go through security and find my gate. The little bit of extra padding was magnified as it is again snowing in Minnesota. Deicing planes takes an hour. Sigh.

This past weekend was truly epic in scale. So many little perks added to what is normally a rockin' good time. From the overlay in the tournament's last longer bet provided by PokerStars, to the simply lavish suite and awesome service at the Laggasse Stadium suite in the Palazzo, this weekend was over the top.

I took some ridiculous amount of pictures this weekend (~800). While it was cold, my camera clicking finger was ready to go, even if my stomach was doing some kind of funky chicken dance.

I didn't win the blogger donkament. I did play more cash poker then I ever have in a 3 day window. I did not get my -EV on. I did tilt like there was no tomorrow in one session of cash. I also ran good enough in 3 other sessions for it not to matter.

My flight will be boarding soon and I can't wait to reach new levels of REM sleep. I miss sleep but I think I miss OhCountess and the kids more. Funny, just last Thursday, I couldn't wait to get out of town, hop a plane and fly to Vegas. Today, that friggin' plane can't get here soon enough.

WPBT crew: I miss all of you already.

Stay tuned.


DrChako said...

Had a blast. Time for scotch.


yestbay said...

Great seeing you again and getting a chance to hang out and play some pinball. And poker too, of course. Till next time!

smokkee said...

i usually feel the same way about Vegas. Can't wait to get there, then can't wait to get home.

BamBam said...

It was fantastic to finally meet you.

Memphis MOJO said...

Only 800 photos? You're slipping!!

The Wife said...

Miss you and love you dearly . . . We'll keep you posted on throwing together MN-Vegas this summer, maybe?

Can't wait to see all the pics - send me a few!

Shrike said...

You'd better post a lot of pinball pics or else! I hated to miss the WPBT.