Monday, December 7, 2009

The return of Kenny Tran

Kenny Tran was back at the microscopic stakes LHE tables. I just found it right when he sat down and got to be first in line on the waiting list. It didn't take long for me to get the seat on his right. Yo, the pro's got position on me. Bring it! :)

The last time I sat down with him, people asked if I played any hands with him. I didn't really remember much. This time, I tried a little harder.

The first hand, I called from the BB and went heads up against him. When playing limit like this, many players will defend their BB with any two cards. I have a strong hands for heads up, but I'll be out of position for the entire hand. I called to keep the pot small. No reason to raise only to completely whiff the flop and dump a bunch.

Yeah, that sucked. I probably lost the minimum to him.

This next hand was the only other hand I played with him. Not sure what he's doing down here, but I think I know how you might get the nickname "Sick Call". To me, calling with Q high is just kinda stupid, but then again, I'm not a well known, red letter pro.

Yeah, ace high is the winner for me. Let this be a lesson. Bet your flush draws. Kenny "Sick Call" Tran will call you with queen high.


Sean G said...

On the second hand - at first, I thought he had just misclick/called on the flop. But the turn and river? Really?

The only thing I can think of is that he just doesn't care about the money and is playing to fill his obligations to FTP. But what fun is it to "play with the pros" if they are just phoning it in? They might as well sit out the entire time.

OhCaptain said...

Yeah, I didn't get that at all, he wasn't even drawing, the best he can hope for is I was firing with a busted flush draw, which of course I would do, but seriously, the only thing he can beat is a bluff.