Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Am I bitter about not going to Mastodon Weekend, maybe a little

It's Mastodon Weekend in G-Vegas. As Kat reminds us suffering from Responsible Adult Syndrome (RAS), we have to avoid our urges to spend the weekend running rickshaws around the block and drinking far more booze then we should.

The Friday night rebuy is back! Even if you are in G-Vegas, fire up that laptop, hook up to the intertubes and shove baby shove. So fire up Full Tilt and look for me, or Kat or tournament #14366796. If you are like me and have been playing nothing but rush poker for the last month, this won't be much different.

And don't forget, we say 'Hello' at this game by shoving absolutely any two cards for "a while". Maybe TwoBlackAce will stop by and break his record of, not sure if this is accurate, but something like 78 rebuys? So pull out the bankroll, grab some one and come join us as we set them on fire.

Friday. 9 pm CST - Full Tilt. You know you want to...


Katitude said...

TY for the pimp babes!

Oh, and my word verification is chaching. It's a sign! I'm cashing!