Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Mammoth Rebuy concludes - Blogger mobneys are da best

Now, how fun was that? Thanks Katitude for hosting the Mammoth Rebuy for those of us unable to attend Mastodon Weekend in G-Vegas. The Mammoth felt like old times at the Blogger Friday Night Donkament. $1 + $1 rebuy with mandatory shoving of hammers is just what the doctor ordered. It was almost better then it wasn't, but hell. Showing Buddy the 5 high bluff could come close.

JJ was good to me more then once tonight, ok, it was exactly twice, but I was able to finally match stacks and for a few minutes be the chipleader to card rack, and spectacular luckbox by the name of the PokerWolf. Geebus dude, how many times did you get aces? I got them once. got paid for 'em too, but that's another story. For a while tonight, he had an M of 240. Friggin' 240!

Congrats to on_thg for finishing 3rd. Way to fight with the short stack and take total advantage of my over playing Rush poker lately. (Look, two cards, I raise. Fawk!) BuddyDank finished 4th. His Ako was no match for my JJo. JJ was the nuts for me tonight. Bubbling tonight was Longshot1999 (sorry no link love, you got a blog, shoot me the link!).

PokerWolf and I were sitting at 60 some big blinds at midnight. My math co-processor had long since gone to bed and I was merely playing position and situations. Simple math was out of the question. I get the feeling PokerWolf was starting to feel the same way. He offered up a 50/50 chop. It was late, it sounded zzzz.....where was I?

We'll need to do this more. By 12:30 CST, people were disappearing from chat like crazy. Either we are getting old, or AlCantHang is gonna be embarrassed the next time he's hanging out with us. That's it for me. I'm about ready to fall over. And to the angels out there, it shoved nicely :) Thanks! Good game everyone! Good night!

(I tried proofing this. Didn't work. Too tired. Read it best you can. Must sleep now. Night night.)


lightning36 said...

You should play when you are a little bitter more often. Congrats on second.

Pokerwolf said...

I got aces five times. I only lost with them once. Awesome, as always, to play with you!

PinkyStinky said...


Looks like lots of my starting table peeps went deep. Glad to see my chips were useful to someone.

PinkyStinky said...

P.S. my word verification to post that last comment was "PrnStr".

What's up with that?

BWoP said...

Man . . . how in the hell did I miss out on this???

Sounds like a fantastic time :-)

yestbay said...

Congrats! I had another commitment that night or I would have joined the fun. I do hope that the Friday Night Donkament will appear again soon so I can donate a dollar or two.

OhCaptain said...

Everyone: Thanks!

Lightning: Guess people need to organize more weekend gatherings I can't get to.

Pokerwolf: we'll chop it again soon :-P

PinkyStinky: Fun table. Hopefully I'll join you heads up soon. Love that word verification. Porn stars rock...oops. I didn't mean to say that out loud.

CK: Yeah, you were busy playing some stupid poker tournament or drinking game in SC. Shoulda skipped it and joined us. Um, yeah, right.

Yestbay: I think Kat wants to do it again about once a month. You'll hopefully make the next one. It's a great time.