Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Back up to $10

I spent the weekend only playing in the $10 sngs. There's a big difference between a $5 9 person sng and $10 9 person sng. I'd swear there are more donkeys at $10 than $5. I lost more hands to 2 and 3 outers than I can count. And a first for me. I lost a hand to someone hoping to hit a royal flush. I lost it on the river. My full house cracked by a miracle.

My experience this weekend was actually encouraging, though. I adjusted to the new styles of play and actually ended the weekend with a profit. It was $2, but it was a profit.

I'll stay at this level for a while now. My bankroll is intact and I have enough there to ride out a losing streak at this level without much danger.