Sunday, June 17, 2007

I'm liking the MTT

Tonight, there was time to play a 90 person deep stack $5 sit-n-go. I decided to play this one as patiently as possible. My plan worked fabulously. I finished 4th!
Here's my observation. Many of the people I played were willing to just hand over their chips as long as I was patient and let the hands come to me.
Later in the tournament, my tight image was paying off and I was stealing enough to survive. I also watched as people panicked and basically threw money away trying for a big score. Some fairly sizable pots were being thrown around with pretty marginal hands.
My tournament ended when I was dealt A Q UTG. I raised pot, which was basically committing me to an all in. The BB and fat stack called. He had QQ. I was dead to an ace and it never came, despite many pleas to the poker gods.

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