Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Poker - Live at Brother's

Played some live poker again last night. It was nice to get back to the felt. I'm finding, that as I working on increasing my preception levels, I also find there is a lot more garbage to filter through at this venue. A lot of chatter at my table, and I got to admit, I was one of them. Jerry L. was on my right and Jess was on my left. Jerry's a skilled player, so I got to make some moves on him and he noticed. Jess is just a tight player, she getting better, but mostly she just waits for a hand.

This was my last pure freerole at poker league. Had I taken 1st place last night, I'd go to regionals. 2nd place...and I don't go. Well, isn't that special. I decided to approach the night as another experiment. I watch people every week play the hands aggressively and they pile up the chips. Of course, that wasn't the case for me. I would get "Sympathy Calls," they new I had them beat and they wanted to go home. So they out draw me. Mike Matusow's got a lot catching up to do on losing coin flips. Heck, I don't even win the 2:1's right now.

I'm still reading the book "The Mathematics of Poker". The first section was a little slow. It's been quite long time since I had stats in college, but I moving in to the more meatier areas now. I'm learning a lot more about EV and pot odds calculation. Cool stuff!