Saturday, June 23, 2007

Co-ed Invitational II

Our second poker invitational was another fantastic evening! We had 13 people in our little basement tournament. Bodie25 and Mrs. Bodie25 were here. So be sure to check out his perspective.
My results weren't as good as I hoped, I bubbled. The night started kind of hectic. I realized just after we started the Dr. Neau wasn't set up just right and I needed to reload everything. The funny thing is, I figured this out because I took the first person out of the tournament, not more than 5 hands in.

I was dealt AA and did a standard 3xBB raise from MP. One caller, the BB, a guy know for playing draing hands and going for the suck out. I catch another ace on the flop and there doesn't seem to be much for draws. The turn comes with another spade. Now, if he tries to run with me, I'm pretty sure he's on a flush draw, I decide to put him to the test and push him all in. To my suprise, he calls and I was right, he's on a flush draw. We were almost even in chips, so I would have been left with a chip had I lost the hand. I survived to live again. Aaron was on the rail in 13th place.

I played like a donkey for the next few minutes. Just mixing it up and being aggressive. Turns out, everyone else was getting cards. I dropped back to par. Bodie25 made a nice play with aces when I was on a straight draw and top pair. I had put him on a big ace and thought he would fold to the extreme pressure. His aces was the biggest and he didn't fold.

I didn't really play a lot of hands after this. The deck went cold for me, but everyone else was getting playable hands.

When my stack cut to the 10xBB zone, all the short stacks were moving in and getting picked off. At this time, I kept looking down to find 2 3, 9 2, J 3, Q 4. Not exactly the hands you want to call an all-in with.

I plodded along to the bubble, and kept getting marginal hands you can either fold or push with. I tried to be patient and wait for a good spot, but I never found one. With less than 2 BB left, I found A J of hearts, and had 2 callers (suprise!) It was over, my first loss at my own house.

OhCountess (Mrs. OhCaptain), had a pretty amazing ride. She enter the final table a very short stack, and out lasted a couple of people! Well done!

Mrs. Bodie 25 didn't retain her crown as reigning champion, but Bodie25 had a very nice showing. He was in on the hand that took out our here (me), and parlayed that into a 4th place finish. But he lasted much longer after I finished.

Dick and Bonnie made a very impressive first time in our tournament. This young couple were celebrating their' 50th Wedding Anniversary with us and finished 3rd and 2nd to Eloise!

Nice job everyone! More details about the Co-ed Invitational III very soon!

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