Saturday, July 21, 2007

Co-ed Invitational III

Here it is the morning after our Co-ed Invitation III. We had 14 people join us for a 2 table tournament. We even had a new couple join us, Todd and Kathy.

A really big thanks goes to Jon for bringing the extra table. Dick and Bonnie brought the nummy bbqed weinners and Eloise, the girl from the deep, deep, deep south (think other end of the world) for creating our new travelling trophy!

I gotta believe, it was the craziest start to one of our events in recent memory. Bodie25 started off the evening by putting Kathy to the test. Kathy raised from the button on the first hand. Bodie25 defended the BB with a raise. I witnessing this hand immediately to left the of Bodie25 UTG....I got front row seats! I can tell by the betting that I'm quite sure both have a pocket pair...or Bodie25 is trying to be fancy. I did mention it was the first hand...right? Well, Bodie25 realizes he's got 2/3 of his chips in by the river and pushes the rest. Kathy goes in the tank and comes out to say call. She's got KK. Bodie25's got TT. I'm quite sure there will be a more detailed description of this hand at Bodie25's website. But needless to say...we now had a dealer at our table.

I patiently played very tight poker through all of this. What can I say, I was repeatedly dealt 8 2 o. I tried to play a little small pot poker, but lets be honest here. It's tough to win much money at all when the best hand you see for an hour is 10 7 of clubs.

I perfected my folding technique and even worked on some new ways to fold and we pretty quickly collapsed to the one table. Darrin even made the final table...did you here that Rian...Darrin made the final table! With the collapse of the extra table, a cash game formed, but I was intent on getting better at I just needed to concetrate.

I successfully navigated my way to the bubble. A few nice pots and some timely double ups kept me in business. The order of finishing up to the bubble goes something like this...

14. Bodie25
13. Trolkin
12. Bonnie
11. Jon Blixt
10. Darrin
9. Todd
8. Eloise
7. Chief Bourbonator
6. Dick
5. OhCountess

OhCountess put up a valiant effort to hang on, doubling up a few times, but ran into the buzz saw that was Prof. Jens.

We got to the bubble. Kathy and I were fighting over short stack. Each taking the opportunity to double through Mrs. Bodie25 and Prof. Jens. No real memorable poker played here. I was trying to mix up my betting patterns, but basically sitting pat for a hand that had some legs. It appeared that Kathy was doing the same thing.

On one ill fated button All-In, my A-10 ran into Prof. Jens holding K J. The price was right, he called and hit more jacks than were necessary to oust the host. I joined the cash game, wishing the we were playing razz...the decks were cold as ice for me.

Kathy battled admirably, but Prof. Jens and Mrs. Bodie25 had probably 90% of the chips in play between them. And the poker gods were gracing them each with cards.

The 2 monster chipleaders (let's just call them a cartel of chips), finally got heads up with Prof. Jens in the chip lead with the hand on the right.

Prof. Jens' pair of aces bested bested the pair of nines. We have our new champion! Congrats Professor! Don't forget to bring the trophy back next time. I'll need to display it prominently in the basement!

His championship was not really a suprise to any of us. With the elimination of Mrs. Bodie25, he ended the night for 8 of the 14 participants. The most ever at one of our events for a single person.


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JonBlixt said...

What, no picture of my big stack of quarter chips. Boo hoo.