Monday, July 2, 2007

A new venue - The Hangar Bar & Grill

Tonight I tried the Hangar Bar & Grill and their Monday night poker. This isn't a league at all, it just poker in a bar. Varying prizes. I've heard there is a $100 bill to first place. Tonight, there were only 17 people. I just can't imagine that this will last at this rate...that's a huge overlay.

I came knowing a few people. I recognized Walter and Virgina from Brothers and 2 other people that I don't know their name. John was also there. He's both a Bourbonator and a poker leaguer.

I know I went there way to tired. I was ready to fall asleep at dinner, but I really wanted to research this place and get a feel for the caliber of the competition.

Most of the pre-game conversations revolved around gambling in casinos. I took this to mean that people here liked to gamble and I might want to consider my action. I learned a lesson about this. They liked to gamble, that means they like to call. I tooked some knocks early on raising pre-flop with good cards. In the future, I might not do this unless I have a monster, but seeing the flop will probably be more profitable in the long run. Of the 5 hands I raised pre-flop in the first few blind levels, the minimum number of callers were 4. That's half the table. These raises were 4 - 5 X BB.

Suited connectors were popular and anything King or Ace high. A common expression at the table was "One time!" Like I said, they like to gamble.

Many pots were won with second pair. Chasing flush and straight draws was modus operandi. What I witnessed was, early on, it's best to lay back and limp if you must, but make sure you improve or you will be in a kicker war with 2 or 3 of your table mates.

The people here are very nice and friendly. Most people didn't show signs of even 2nd level thinking. I would say there were a couple of people the did, but there names were John and Quincy. To exploit most players, you need to remember that they are playing first level thinking. I spotted 2nd level thinking on Quincy, and used it later to double through him. I kept showing him my moves with aces, and how I was laying down others. When he was in the BB, I pushed all in with a Q J. He indeed did call me, and said that he knew I had an ace, so he turns over J 9.

There wasn't much for service here. I ordered a beer before we started, but didn't see a waitress return until break. It is also noisy here. It was very distracting.

I definitely think this venue is crackable and could prove to be very lucrative. There is not a lot of adjustment here, just limp early with hands that won't get you in trouble and remember, you are probably up against draws or medium pairs. I might right more in the morning.

Good night all!