Monday, July 23, 2007

The cold decks continue

I'm just about ready to give up playing online poker. Well, not really, but the frustration is palpable.

Let's take for example this land hand I played tonight. I limp from the LB to the BB with Q4o. The BB just checks. The flop come Q94 rainbow. I check, he raises the minimum I move all in over the top...guess what he has...Q9. This is getting old. The is almost 2 straight weeks of set over set and AA, KK, QQ, JJ being cracked by people calling with crap and completely random hands.

To make matters worse, I played some razz last night. Why not play the game were the worst hand bad could it be. I lost about $11 on one hand last night at the .50/1.00 razz ring game. On 7th st...the other guy hits the ace to 5th street I was at 76532. Oh...and that was the case ace.


No live poker tomorrow night at poker league. Bodie25 needs to get out of the backyard and start building poker tables with OhCaptain...did you hear that Mrs. Bodie25??? Huh??? Did ya??? OK...I guess you gotta get the yard stuff done before return of the permafrost.