Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sorry for the delay - The Poker League Recap

Poker league was on it's usual Tuesday evening, which also happened to be my birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Bodie25 joined OhCaptain and OhCountess for dinner at a local steakhouse. Tuesday was also their anniversary, so HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Dinner was awesome and unusual for me since I rarely eat before playing live cards...but what the's my birthday and the DonkeyFest just keeps on going at summer poker league.
OhCountess joined me this evening which was FANTASTIC! Mr. and Mrs. Bodie25 thought differently and did something romantic..a movie or something BS like that. I ask all of you...what's more romantic than Bar Poker? Ok...I'm kidding...but it does make you think...
The room is filled with the usual people for summer poker. Comic Book Guy was even there again at my table. This table played for a while, I played a little small pot poker, built a little pile of chips, but no real memorable hands. I felt very comfortable at the table. I was really getting a great feel for the people.
Our table breaks and I get moved to a new table. No one joins me from the last table. There is a new guy at the table who suprisingly looks like BTK. He was wearing a University of Wisconsin hat. He says he remembers seeing me at a regional tournament. We never played together, but he remembers seeing me there. I know I've never played this guy, but it was striking to me how he talked about moving on to regionals. Well...let's see what you got!
BTK limps from the CO and it actually folds to me. I've never been able to fold in this position, so I checked. The flop is 10 10 6. Huh...I've got 10 8, let's see what he's made of. So I bet half the pot. He just about instantly calls me, but for some reason, he looked uncomfortable with the call. Now this made me think, I bet he's got a either a big ace or pocket pair that ain't seen any love. The turn is an ace, he bets about a quarter of the pot. Now, I need to think for a minute (no, I don't, but let's just say I did...sssshhhh). I call. The river is a blank. By his reaction...nothin. He got nothin out of this. So, just to see how much his paying attention, I min bet him. My experience is a better player would see this for what it is, the springing of a trap. He's not that good and reraises me 2.5 x my bet. Well, I'm not going broke to this guy, so I call. He turns over ladies. I turn over the set. Nice pot and all. Now he mutters something about slow playing. Maybe the lesson was learned. Although, I probably would have called a standard raise too if no one else had entered the pot.
The thing that really sucks about bar poker is the blind structure. It increases rapidly at the end. I was falling victim to a cold deck and lots of action. I'd been moved to another table. Chief Bourbonator was there and Jen. Jen. Jen. She makes the points frequenty, but I'm not sure she's not just aggressive and lucky. She busts me out this day on my birthday (shame, shame).
The blinds are 300/600 and I have 3500 in chips. Not good. I squeeze KK. Call or raise, call or raise or all-in. OK...all-in it is. A raise left me with nothin, a call could find a cheap ace or something even more nasty and heck...its a sizable portion of most stacks. One caller, Jen, who thinks for a minute, ponders the situation and announces "I'm ready to go home." OH CRAP! A SYMPOTHY FRICK'IN CALL! I'm like oh for infinity on the sympathy calls. She turns over A2o. Yes...she's calling an all-in for almost her complete stack with A2. I stand and prepare to leave because we all know what the flop was....3 4 5.



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