Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My First Mookie

The question is, could I have done this any different?

I played my first Mookie. I've been watching the past few weeks. It's definitely a gambler's paradise. L9t's of crazy plays with hands that are...not as strong as you'd think. It was very interesting to have Columbo on my left. How bad could I be playing, I hung right around his chip stack until...

I decided to start it playing passive. Letting people get the better of me. Not bleeding chips like crazy, but just not playing very strong. I really figured that this would give me the best chance to get action when I have a strong hand. And for the most part, this really worked for me. I finally get one hand, pretty strong and I get action from fluxer. Not sure which blog is his.

I raised in an MP with TT. A bit loose for me, but I've pretty much been a folding limp monkey, so this raise should seem out of place. fluxer insta-calls from the BB. Now I've been trying to pay attention here and as far as I could tell, he likes his aggression. Lots of big raises to push people off hands. The flop comes JJ3. I raise it pot size to 450 and he instantly goes all-in. Just like he has been doing to people. This tells me he's really not likely to have a jack. He'd want value if he's got a J. It also tells me that he thinks my hand is too weak to call so he probably doesn't have QQ or better. I'm actually thinking he's got ace something. As it turns out, he's got just that. A3. I called him because I knew I was ahead, but the poker gods decided it just wouldn't be the Captains night.

My Mookie dreams are dashed for the week. Maybe again next week.