Saturday, December 1, 2007

November in review - a toot of the horn

I've never really recapped a month before, but for reasons I hope you will soon understand, I think this time it deserves a little attention.

I had planned to do this last night, but I found out when OhFamily got home from movies (we see Enchanted), our Internet connection was dead. Seems Charter Communications thinks we were attacking their servers with a virus and shut it down.

Well, after all the scanning was done, I remember what the downside is to the beautiful snowy winters here in Minnesota. We got 5 inches of snow followed by freezing rain. We still haven't completely dug out yet...but we've got a good start. More pictures and stories of the rest of this fun filled day on my other blog later.

On to the recap!

Minnesota Poker League: 3 out of 4 final tables this month. One 1st, 4th and 6th place finish and I moved from 12th to 2nd.

Bourbonators: A 1st place finish, a nice cash payment to the live poker bankroll.

Home game: 2nd place finish and an even nicer addition to the live poker bankroll.

All in all - live poker was pretty successful. There was even a trip to a couple of new locations that turned out to be positive. One night at a different free bar poker location and a final table. The only real downside to the month live was a reaffirmation that I suck at Pot Limit Omaha.

Online poker seems to be on track again as well.

Poker Tracker Totals (November):

  • 69 Tournaments ( wonder nothing else got done)
  • $144.70 Buy-ins + Fees
  • $200 Amount won
  • $55.30 Net amount won
  • 38.22% ROI
  • 46.38% Finish In the Money

That's a definite improvement from a couple of months ago when I couldn't cash to save my life. The real surprise comes from the $2.25 9 person SNG. 37 tournaments, Net Amount Won - $46.35, 55.68% ROI, 51.35% Finish in the money, Avg Finish - 3.73. Wow...I almost averaged finishing in the money.

Now that I got my confidence back, I think I need to look ahead. Continuing my better bankroll management, I hope to move up a pay grade soon. The online bankroll should allow for a larger buy-in again. I'd also really like to play more of the larger tournaments online. Time is the biggest hurdle to this, but it should be something I can do. I think I'll be giving the Mookie a try real soon and AIPS II Main Event...I'll keep trying for the token, but if that doesn't pan out, I'll have some really thinking to do. But at this win rate, it's hard to justify a $26 buy-in.