Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Poker League Week 16 - The Finale

What a grueling thing 16 straight weeks of poker is. I think this format helps the more solid players and the players that take this seriously, rise to the top. But I also think, we will continue to see lower numbers because of this. In the past, we'd seen an average attendance in the 70's. This time, we saw attendance only in the 50's and it might have dropped to the high 40's.

If Brook Lyter and the guys at Minnesota Poker League are reading this, we could use some more promotion down here. I know you probably leave it up to the bars to do it, but stopping by would be cool and probably good for a boost in the numbers.

Last night was our final week in the Gold Rush league. We are fighting to win a chance to play Bay 101 Shooting Star Tournament. This is one of the events on the World Poker Tour.That would make for a nice profit. Zero money out of the bankroll and a chance winning some serious cheese!

Going into last night, I was in first place in the league. The top 2 spots are going straight to the state tournament. I was 94 points a head of 3rd and 23 points ahead of 2nd. I'm by no means a lock.

To make things interesting, OhKid2 has decided to fore go sleeping through the night and has instead decided she misses her Dad if she's not sleeping. The last few days have been just brutal. I fell asleep at work yesterday. Then I went to poker league where the cold hard reality set in. Don't play poker when you are sleep deprived. I was impatient and emotional. Two things I haven't been in quite a while.

I busted out just after first break. I took some medium know the ones, you hit trips and the other guy wakes up with the little flush. Hit top pair, lose on the river to an over card. Each one sapping you confidence and you patience...which were already in short supply. I busted with two pair, when the flush card came on the river. Why not call an all in with a gut shot straight draw and a ten high flush must be the best hand. It gotta have at least 16 outs...GAWD DAMN IT!

Well, enough of that. I really did just play bad. I didn't get cards, but I still found myself buying in for a peak, when that wasn't optimal strategy. I knew better. I just missed my pillow.

The real drama for the evening occurred after I left. Attendance was low again, so getting points went to fewer people. I really don't care if I get second. First would be nice, but second almost pays the same. I'm sweating 2 people. First. Ryan, the guy in second, need to make the points for me not to go to state. Second, only one player has a legitimate shot but still requires Ryan to get points. As it turns out...both guys make the final table. Jon needs 95 points to beat me. I already went home. Tired and frustrated.

Bodie25 called me with an update. Jon doesn't get enough points...I finished the league in second place. Next stop Fargo. I'm still tired. I must rest now...big day in January...Time for me to win it all a play in the big time.