Monday, December 31, 2007

Reflections on 2007

2007 was my first year blogging. There is no post of my goals for 2007 so guess what I'll claim? I did everything I set out to do! Yeaaahhhh, that's the ticket!

I had started a personal blog a couple years ago and never really got into it. Earlier this year, I decided I'd start updating it more regularly. OhCapatin has many facets. I'm a proud father, I have a deep passion for constitutional law and governmental policy, I'm an avid poker player and an semi-pro amateur photographer. When I started mixing all of this together, some more vocal readers weren't as interested in one subject or another. So something needed to change.

About this same time, Bodie25 was starting his blog. He was focusing on poker. I really loved the idea and started OhCaptain Poker. I also spun off my other hobby and created a blog focusing solely on my photography.

This year I've gone through many highs and lows in poker. Live poker and online poker both seemed to show growth this year.

I started the year fighting my way up the leaderboard at the local bar poker. The nearest casino is a hour drive, about 50 miles, one way, so I don't get there very often. Bar poker and home games have to do. By the end of the spring 10 week league, I'd been the league leader, but let it slip and found myself finishing 3rd. This meant I need to to battle my way at the regional tournament to get to state. Ironically, I finished 3rd there as well. Besting about 90 people there.

The regional tournament taught me a valuable lesson. Play the opposite of the table. This tournament was like the wild west. People were flinging chips around with little regard for the the strength of their hands. I folded every hand for 90 minutes. Then they started talking about how I wasn't playing any thing. When the table leader says, "You gonna fold your way to state?" I knew I was golden. I shift gears gently and moved up the chips. When I started getting some solid hands, I was able to set the trap and double through...I final tabled and made it to state.

I recapped that here because it happened just before I started blogging. The first real attempts at blogging. The rest of the year was pretty chronicled in the blog.

I got to state. I had hoped to go deep enough to win something, but 15 didn't pay. Would have been nice. 163 runners and only the top ten got anything. Pretty steep if you ask me.

I pretty much sucked at bar poker all summer. I played with emotion and contempt for bad play. Never good. But turned it all around in the last 16 week league of the year. I'll be on my way back to the state tournament!

Bodie25 and I went to a casino in Iowa, Made a little money in the cash game and made a bit more in the SNG. My second experience with live poker in a casino and I go home with a profit! One more trip this year to a different casino taught a lot about playing limit poker. I learned quickly and made a profit there as well.

OhCountess and I hosted 5 home games this year. These are really fun. I love hosting home games and can't wait to host another one. These were profitable as well. Of the 5, I cashed in 3, and bubbled 2. Worst part...I never finished better than 2nd (did that twice). See goals for 2008.

Bourbonators was as fun as it should be. We play poker, but I really consider it more of a night out with the guys. I keep no records other than what I write here. The guys are really starting to improve their game. This makes for some fun poker.

I think my live game is stronger than ever. I am never more comfortable playing poker then when I'm in person. There have been many times this year that I felt like Doyle Brunson. I looked into people's eyes and saw their cards. Ok...I'm no Texas Dolly, but still. Even during the limit session at the casino, the longer we were there, the more clearly I could see the cards. Poker league, I can play several people as if their cards are face up. I think you'll understand one of my goals for 2008...oops, but that's another post.

Now, online poker had the most going on. I had run up my bankroll to double its starting size, and then late this summer drove it write to the edge of the toilet. All my gains were washed away and I was playing my own money again. Ugg.

I put my tail between my legs and went all the way back down to the $1 45 person sng. For some reason, Poker Tracker showed these to have the least variance for me. I played hard, regained my confidence and moved back into the black.

November, I just turned up the heat and recorded an absolutely sick month.

This brings me to December. December is my most profitable month ever. And that's all to do with one tournament and the trip to the casino. I made a mere $31 dollars at the casino. Fairly impressive if you consider the fact that I really have never studied LHE and before this night, considered it my worst game. The real cake was delivered just last week. I won the friggin Mookie! I know, other bloggers have won bigger tournaments and there are some who've won it more than once. Heck, I know the MATH is even a bigger buy in, but heck, as far as my poker history is concerned...It's my biggest win...EVER!

Well, that ended my year well into the black. I'm looking forward to 2008...put that's the next post.

Happy New Year Everyone!


Short-Stacked Shamus said...

Black is beautiful.

Good luck in '08.