Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Kaja - You seen a hand lately?

I typed the words "card dead" into Google's Image search tonight. I had to giggle. The poster for the Mookie was on the first page! It brought a chuckle to my life.

I played the free poker at the bar again tonight. I really felt like donking it up and I have to tell you, the cards didn't disappoint.

The card death continues its slow, painful march to oblivion. In live poker at the bar, we don't see a lot of hands per hour. The games are self dealt. So, explain to me how in the H E double hockey sticks I was dealt the hammer 4 times! And to make life even better? I got teaser hits on the flop! Once, bottom pair and a sea of limpers and the other an open ended straight draw.

I lasted longer than Bodie25 and I even pulled off a bluff to stay alive a little while longer, but alas, I just couldn't with stand the awesome poker of K5o. That's the hand the called my all in shove from the LB into the BB. Sure it was a little more than half his stack. But good poker strategy says you should always call an all-in from the BB with any K or A. That's gotta be coming up in Stupid/System. Julius...I'll take a few copies of that book when it comes out.

The Guitar Hero III is proving to be the distraction I've needed. Riggstad, you are right to fear that game. I couldn't wait to fire it up when I got home from work today. I even got OhPrincess2 dancing up a storm to it! Seriously, I could see this being a great play date for us Dads. Just let me know!
Congrats to Hoy! 2 huge cashes in a week! That will be you a lot of Mookies this year!