Sunday, February 24, 2008

What? Where does the time go?

Wow, I finished 3rd in the Mookie last Thursday and then somehow looked around and figured out its Sunday. I even had a live session of poker on Friday night, and still no posts. I really had hoped to post a detailed synopsis of the play that was the Mookie, but alas, I haven't had the time. I got tons of screen caps...even got the hand where I actually won with the hand of the devil. AQ can win...I still don't believe it, but it did.
Thanks for noticing bayne_s!

I think I have been running pretty well in the Mookie lately. This is my third deep run in 2 months. I'm not the most confident MTT player. Probably because I play so many SNGs and don't get the chance to play many bigger tournaments. The Mookie is different for me. The level of play is better than I'm used to in the micro SNGs. I know, I know...its a donkey fest for some of you. I still really enjoy it. Creative, tight/aggressive play is doing me well there. Most of the Mookies I've gone home early, I know I made a mistake to bust.

This past week, card death was the status quo. The Mookie, not so much. What did I go 600 hands without aces or kings? The Mookie, I got aces. More than once. One of them didn't pay when the table walked to me. But the way I got the most chips? Calling bluffs when I had the cards. Its been my experience that sitting around and letting people impale themselves on my stack usually pays well. Many Mookie players don't think through their aggression and will just throw their chips away. Be there when it happens. Even the great and almighty Hoy will over play 99.
Friday night was Bourbonators. Not much poker to talk about there. 12 runners showed up this month. 2 guys fairly new to me. 1 guy was back after a 2 year absence. I bubbled the first game and then the booze started kicking in on the second game. Man did I get loose! I blew a ton of chips trying to get tricky. Not a good plan when there were times I thought I had double pocket pairs and was playing Omaha. Oops. This month, the host doesn't live all that far from me, so I wasn't worried about getting home. Drink up bitches!

I'll be frank, I didn't get to play much poker this weekend online either. Between being exhausted from the new job. The late nights because of the Mookie and Bourbonators, I think I'm maturing and knowing when its bad for me to be getting my money in. I'm tired and pre-tilted. I railed of few of you, that was fun. I even figured out about some of these other big $$$ MTTs. I might even try a few of these. Look out! I might actually try one...maybe.

The home game returns to our house Friday night so OhCountess may have me busily getting ready for the guests. For some reason, she also scheduled us to host a Pampered Chef party this week. Ugg! I can't wait for the card game. Live poker, in my basement.


KajaPoker said...

I thought you were the one who told me never to play AQ. Hmmm.....

Well done, cap'n!

OhCaptain said...

I am the one. I probably still am the one. I hate that hand. I think this is what we call variance. It helped that I had a massive stack of chips. I was feeling pretty loose at the time. Losing this hand would have left me 3rd in chips. I would have lost this hand if I was the short stack...guranteed!