Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tis' Wednesday - A recap and a loose ends

Since today is Wednesday, memories tell me that yesterday might have been Tuesday. Tuesday usually means live poker at Brother's. I went. I folded for an hour. I got bored. I flopped top two pair. Kept betting, called an all-in on the river. I didn't think two pair, tens and nines, were any good, but called any way. Yep, he hit the straight on the river. Sigh. RaisingCayne is right, poker for points is ghey, but this part of the northwoods, its about all we got. When I feel like playing to win a live tournament, I can keep myself motivated to stay on top of my game, but then there's last night...not even Zuppa could keep my attention.

There were no magic hands last night, no questionable plays (by me, several people did some crazy stuff...but that's nothing new).

In other news, if you do one thing I say in this blog - it had better be this. Go check out Julius Goat's series of excerpts from his upcoming book "Stupid/System: Poker Strategy For Huge Donkeys." I love this stuff! Its pure online poker GOLD! Julius and I actually stumbled into the same SNG this weekend. Kinda funny. That marks the first time I'd ever just stumbled upon another blogger I recognized in a SNG. Julius, if you are reading this...tag these posts so we can link to the series! I promise to link to the tagged search!

Tonight, we had back down to the Mookie. The highlight of my poker week. 9pm CST on FTP. Sure to be a tournament of sick beats and questionable decisions. I'm hoping that many of the high rollers are distracted by the start of FTOPS Event #1 that they won't notice they are losing chips to me in the Mookie. Well just have to see!


TripJax said...

Agreed on the Goat. Dudes a genius.