Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bar poker, poker crack and the Mookie

Tuesday night means live poker night for OhCaptain. Well, its bar poker, but it gets me out of the house to play some cards and hang out with grown ups that aren't wearing coats and ties.

Wednesday night means online poker for OhCaptain. Mooooookie!

Tuesday night, I went to the bar without fear. Just like in my previous post. This time, however, the ever popular Well-manicured Man found himself hit with the deck. Holy crap! The man never missed a 4 or less outer. Eek. I stayed afloat all night by stealing pots here and there. Never really had a hand. The closest I came was raising from the CO with QJh and hitting top two pair. W-MM missed completely and didn't feel the need to put any more money in. Would have been nice because all I got was my missed blinds back.

Attendance at poker league is way down. We used to average 80 people a night. Its down to 35-40. I may not be able to justify going to this much longer. Its the same people every week and frankly, the prizes are a bit weak. $20 in Gift Certificates for first place? Not much motivation.

As written about here and here, or having heard about players playing them here, here, here, OhCountess and I decided to go check out the new Full Tilt $3.50 + .30 Super Turbo 9 person sng.

I will tell you, they are fun, but they aren't for the faint of heart. Basically, if you aren't any good a short stacked final table play, you'll hate these. I love shorted stack final table play. Its probably the one area of poker I feel the most comfortable at. The play at these tables is really poor. People are waiting for big hands OR shoving everything. Figure out who each person is and then exploit there weakness. People waiting for big hands won't call you with just A or K high, so they fold a lot of blinds. People shoving with ATC's learn pretty quick that I'll call with over cards or a PP. Position is hugely important. Also keeping track of your M works well. If you work your stack up to an actual decent size to the BB, wait out some of the smaller stacks. If found it comfortable to just sit back at 10BBs and watch the little people kill each other.

Tragedy, the Mrs and I each won our first attempts at these. I'll probably trying a few more. My gut tells me that most people don't understand what it takes to play short handed final table poker. They aren't quite as big a gambleFest as people think. Use your head. Think about it. You start with 10BBs. Play good poker!

Tuned into LivePokerRadio last night. Buddy was back on the air! The move is on. Moving sucks. Moving soggy stuff sucks even more.

The Mookie last night was really disappointing. I sucked. I played poorly and went home early. This is probably the worst played hand in the history of poker...

Full Tilt Poker Game #6881549103: The Mookie (51608223), Table 5 - 40/80 - No Limit Hold'em - 22:44:55 ET - 2008/06/18
Seat 1: Evy35 (2,540)
Seat 2: Mike_Maloney (3,510)
Seat 3: corron10 (4,300)
Seat 4: turtle0314 (2,255)
Seat 5: OhCaptain (2,980)
Seat 6: cemfredmd (3,155)
Seat 7: mookie99 (5,805)
Seat 8: Jestocost (4,030)
Seat 9: columbo (7,745)
columbo posts the small blind of 40
Evy35 posts the big blind of 80
The button is in seat #8
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to OhCaptain [As 3s] <- Not my favorite hand, but I've been folding for a while so I'll mix it up
Mike_Maloney folds
corron10 folds
turtle0314 folds
OhCaptain raises to 280 <- Mixing it up. I haven't shown much strength
cemfredmd folds
mookie99 folds
Jestocost folds
columbo folds
Evy35 calls 200 <- Been playing a lot of hands and showing A LOT of aggression. Not really sure what the range is.
*** FLOP *** [2h 3c 4s] <- interesting flop. I've made middle pair and a gut shot straight draw
Evy35 checks <- idea yet
OhCaptain bets 600 <- pot size CB. This is stupid. I don't have a hand and Evy has been going over the top of people for a while, why would this change?
Evy35 has 15 seconds left to act
Evy35 raises to 2,260, and is all in <- Son of motherless GOAT! I have a pair, but its small, I have 4 outs to the straight. Why didn't I just check??????
OhCaptain has 15 seconds left to act
OhCaptain folds <-- What do you think? Should I have called? I know I'm dead to any pocket pair. I really doubt 45 not to mention that would have probably been just called. I can only beat a bluff here. Think Evy had it?
Uncalled bet of 1,660 returned to Evy35
Evy35 mucks
Evy35 wins the pot (1,800) <--Way nicer pot then it should have been. Son of BIATCH!

Congrats to Instant Tragedy for winning the Mookie! Job well done sir!

Love to hear your thoughts on the new Super Turbos or how badly I played this hand!

Don't forget about TripJax and keep him and his family in your thoughts! I know he really appreciates all of our efforts. TripJax - still have you in my thoughts!!


DrewFours said...

Thanks for the reminder on the cutthroat games at Tilt. I have a long odds WSOP seat tourney on UBT tonight, so a couple of those might be good to keep the brain sharp!