Tuesday, June 17, 2008

No poker for me lately

With Father's Day and absolutely beautiful weather up here in God's country, I've barely opened my laptop to play poker. I missed the Friday Night Donkament by about 30 seconds. A couple of sit n gos here and there is about it.

I would, however, like to draw your attention to some bloggers in need of good karma. Seeing that this is the blog the whole world goes to for news you are currently reading, make sure you check them out and send some of your good mojo their way.

TripJax mother and father in laws have had a bad motorcycle accident. As a husband, I know all too well the strain this causes on your life, and as a human, my heart goes out to the inlaws and hopes they get heal quickly and completely.

BuddyDank of BuddyDankRadio and LivePokerRadio fame lives in Iowa. Why does he do that? Because he does and normally I'd be the first in line to make Iowa jokes. Its a southern Minnesota thing, we do that. But another long standing Minnesota thing (you east coasters may not understand this, don't worry, many don't) is we will help anyone in need and put aside all differences to do it.

Iowa is hurting. Some areas around me are hurting as well. We had what seems to be 3 weeks of rain around here. I kid you not. It rained almost every day for 3 weeks. Much of Northeastern Iowa and Southern Minnesota is under water. Buddy's basement...is very wet. Some of you may not even know what a basement is, here in the north, we build our house on top of basements, it helps us stay warm in the winter. Having your basement get even a little wet REALLY SUCKS! We keep our stuff down there. Soggy stuff is often ruined.

Buddy, if you need anything let me know.

Send out some good karma. Forget the blogger drama, it is so last week. Let's start rebuilding our image and show the world (and me) that this community isn't just a pile of crap but a wonderful social network of poker degenerates with hearts of gold and honor to match.


TripJax said...

It means a lot that so many people commented and are keeping us in their thoughts. I really, really appreciate it.

OhCaptain said...

Anything you need my friend, just let me know.

Mark said...

Hi there...I just came across your blog and have found it very enjoyable. I am also in SE Minnesota (Lake City to be exact), play poker on Full Tilt, play poker in the MPL, play poker in home games, and also in IT. Good luck in your games and maybe I'll see you at Regionals sometime! :-)