Sunday, June 22, 2008

WSOP and how you can practice for it online
The World Series of Poker is the world’s biggest poker tournament. Learn how you can practice for it online.

The World Series of Poker is the world’s biggest and most prestigious poker tournament which attracts entrants from all over the world.
For most people, the cost of travelling to Las Vegas and paying the buy-in for one of the tournament events would be prohibitive, but the good news is that there are lots of ways to earn an entry via satellite tournaments.
Some of those satellite tournaments even have freeroll qualifiers, so you can play free poker online and have a chance of winning yourself a seat in the World Series of Poker for your efforts.
If you’re serious about playing in the World Series of Poker, you’ll need to practice for it. Remember that the World Series of Poker is a live poker tournament, so you’ll need to get used to playing live games. This is something that can’t be practiced online.
What you can practice online, however, is playing tournament style. Poker tournaments differ from ring games in several ways. Firstly, you’re starting with a fixed stack, and unless the event allows rebuys or addons, that stack is all you’ll have.
Secondly, tournaments tend to have ever increasing blinds – so you need to be able to build up a big enough stack in the early stages to cope with the blinds once they start getting bigger.
This is something that you can practice; even playing free poker online can help you to adjust to the tournament mentality.

The standard of play in the World Series of Poker is much higher than you may be used to if you are a medium stakes player – or even a moderately high stakes one.
After all, the World Series of Poker is where the elite of the elite go to test their skills. If you are not experienced in high level tournament play, your first try at the World Series of Poker is unlikely to end in a bracelet, however many internet players do manage to do well at making the transition to live games, so if you play sensibly, and keep a cool head, you could repeat their success.